Generate Traffic without Building Backlinks – New Epoche in Digital Marketing

Generate Traffic without Building Backlinks – New Epoche in Digital Marketing

SEO is beyond link building and it’s true. It’s time to step into a new era of digital marketing. What do you think; can we generate organic traffic without link building? Yes, why not. Have you tried those tactics ever to escapade the results? If not, let come with me to know and experience the digital marketing with odd spectacles.

Working as a growth hacker, I typically found a lot of opportunity to experiments and discover new and easier way of building website traffic. I know it no doubt, that links are an implausible factor, but it does not mean you have to create links from every site you come across.

But, I carry forward my work with a thought that if you are not doing experimentation with your work and tactics with new methods, your chances to lose eventually will become higher. I prefer to build link but not in the way you are doing such as scale link building rather than, try to go with the editorial links that also support to build your individual awareness along with the brand.

Wait... Wait... Wait.. Marketers can build and ruin everything. So, keep one thing in mind before starting any kind of experimentation with your work is, no one can become a ninja in one night or dramatically. It all needs a lot of strategic work on foundation along with a lot of patience in time. This thought is cool of getting millions of search engine traffic overnights just by posting a single article - but it’s rare. The tactics and experience I share below prove to be effective, stable and reliable for you.

----- How to Gain Traffic without Building Backlinks -----

Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

Keep Focused On Initial Strong Build/Foundation - Don't Only Revolve Around Links

“You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure”. Remember, the more ambitious your business goals are, 10*x more you have to put your attention on the foundation and process. On-page, factors lie here, set them all according to the guidelines. Don't let any factor loosely coupled with the website. Make adequate use of schema tags, rich snippets, data highlighter, mobile responsive, loading speed optimization and more. Check out the complete list of on-page factors, on which your website can compete too.

Optimize On-site Content thoroughly

Do perfectly optimize your website page content. Your each web page need to be tightly aligned around your jewel terms (which point the core value of the web page), because we know it definitely takes the worth time and energy to optimize a web page.

First, write for an audience and then for a search engine. Put audience first in the list of your work priority. Search engines keep changing their criteria for ranking and quality content. However, keep in mind those search engines are only algorithms and programs- not real people. So first & foremost, your content on the website should be written in a way to provide value for your audience. Some key point you should remember from the content point of view.

      Try to choose long tail keywords with a respectable search volume, then high volume keywords, because you cannot compete with the big shark.

      Less focus to elevate keyword density

      Always produce evergreen content for your website

Re-Consider/Re-Publish Your Top Performing Blogs

Now the time to pick out your most worth cards of the deck. I have implemented this strategy and it works as expected. Check your published blogs of all time and fetch their statistics in terms of clicks, impressions, value, search queries, they have attained in their whole period.

Choose the top performing blogs, make amendments in them with worth, latest points and republish them. Afterward, do not forget to promote and socialize these updated posts along with the tags which contain the previously attained search queries. You can implement schema markup, data highlighter on those post as well. Within a period of time, you can view the noticeable results with the improved stats.

----Proof of this strategy----


Build Growth Driven Page of Your Website

Design pages on which you want to rank on #1 in Google. They will be your anchor pages to drive the organic traffic to your website. For this, first, you have to choose most combative terms/keywords on which you want to wager against your competitors. Then, use those terms that should be perfectly fit in the content for your webpage.

Note: Don't do over optimization whether it’s content or Meta Tags.

Optimize them regularly with respect to the Google updates wherever required. Do optimum use of E-A-T (2019 will be of E-A-T)> your expertise, authoritativeness & trustworthiness in those pages i.e. show your WOW factor your brand has attained. Certainly, these well-established pages will not go away without paying your efforts.

Bring Engagement to Your Website

Ranking!! I know you are thinking about your ranks again.

BLOG COMMENTS -> Indeed, this will help you to improve your keywords rank & organic traffic as well. Use blog comments, but not on third party websites. Try posting engaging content that compels users to post comments on your blog.

Comments are proven on-site engagement signals to generate traffic and enhance ranking stats. Even Google will likely to pay more attention to those who have an active community on their website. Thus resulting in, amplified search queries and improved ranking of your keywords.

Use of Merger Method & Gap Filling in Content

Remarkable generate organic traffic increase with "0" link building required. Merger method allows you to combine your posts where same anchor texts are targeted. Combining those posts not only helps you to remove keyword cannibalization issue which is not ideal for the SEO point of view but also brings a quick increase in organic traffic and keyword ranking.

Make sure you have done 301-redirect to those URLs in order to get the link juice at one place. Whereas in Gap Filling tactics, length of blog content is enhanced by making adequate editing and amendments in them. This also helps to boost your organic traffic and better ranking results.

Do Not Totally Obsessed With Ranking as a Success Metric

Most of the people among us are measuring their product success in terms of ranks which goes up down covertly. Search results are unstable and expecting results from only ranking will prove to be a mistake these days.

Additionally, now search engines show the result on the basis of searchers location (which is auto detected) and on the basis of search intents of users. In that case, it became important to choose a way which would be clear and apropos in terms to show you the goal-oriented results.

Winding it up

So, it does sound cool to go for higher traffic without being worried about backlinks. Make no mistakes fellas as it requires a serious and sincere effort. Many of the bloggers may not agree but deep down they know that it works and it works pretty fine.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Are you one of those who loves to see their website’s traffic reach higher without traditionally increasing backlinks or are you the one who disapproves!!! Let me know your thoughts on this via comments. Ciao for now fellas!!!

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Mahak Sharma, I am a Digital Strategist currently working in a renowned company offering top-notch digital marketing solutions worldwide. I write only the wise ways of Internet Marketing that truly brought me to work as a Brand Strategist. My tactics drive in a way to build a strong Brand Presence and to achieve sustainable Business Growth. I love to play High, Flick Serve Badminton. I caper my resolute role as an active Peta Member and environmentalist.

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