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There are many ways to track website visitors and their behaviours. Google Analytics is one of the widely used and efficient tools for tracking. It allows the user to track the behaviour of the visitors based on different attributes like location, browser, operating system, age group, education and what keyword they searched for. Also, it is always advisable to track the behaviour of your website visitors to draw marketing plan to get more revenue. Strong web tracking analytic tool will definitely help to target visitors which will ultimately improve sales.

How to Setup Google Analytics: It’s 2 step process. You need to have full access to the website to setup Google Analytics code. A Google registered email account is required for it. At first visit and signup for your analytics account. Google will ask you to setup your website property. They will ask you to provide website URL and name to set it up. Once you setup everything, Google will generate unique tracking code for your website. You will be required to copy that code and place between header tag () of your website. It is highly recommend putting the code to every pages of the website for fail proof analytical tracking.
More user friendly insight options in Google Analytics

Demographical Review

Demographics and Interest sections let us know complete reports based on Age, Gender, Education and their Interest. This is basically help of administrator to know more about their users. Also help us to understand the audience interest. This option is highly usable for e-commerce or product related websites that are selling their products based on Interest, Gender & Age.

Geographical Review

Geographical section let administrator know the exact location of the user coming to the website. You can easily categorize traffic based on continents, countries, states and cities. Google Analytics also provides option to set custom variable to track most profitable countries for your website. You can easily identify the language of your website visitors by using Geographical targeting option. Administrator can generate more flexible reports according to their requirements.

Behaviour Review

Behaviour section allow reviewing the returning visitor vs. new visitors of the website. It also helps to track visitor’s behaviour. For example, on what page visitors landed to. What was their next step etc.

Technology Review

A great flexible report can be generated in technology section which allows webmasters to know exactly what kind of audience is used to review your website or blog. That helps to know the browser and operating system compatibility. It help administrator keep their website up to date with the latest technology eras.

Many more detailed options are there in analytics account to filter report more deeply. You can easily setup Goals & Funnels to track conversion which is another advance feature provided by Google, with which you can easily track daily/weekly/month/annual conversion value of the website and the way visitors are purchasing your products. Other tracking tool like Webalizer, Open Web Analytics, Stat Counter, Site Meter are available in the market but they are relatively less flexible to track your website visitors. Every seo marketing campaign on the Internet needs to be tracked in order to brand it effective. Google Analytics allow website owners to make insight report which help them to review and identify the website visibility.

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