Google’s New Search Algorithm Update Would Surely Boost Your Search Engine Ranking!


The latest 12 March 2019 Core Update from Google is all set to hit the entire market with improved search results and enhanced optimization. Google, the biggest search engines is always striving to augment the search results and eventually releases new updates.

As per the experts, it is not clear that what actually we would be getting in the Google new update and which sites would be influenced the most; still, a lot of enhancement is expected.

Here’s a brief highlight on one of the latest Google Algorithm  Updates:-

#  The Expected Features of the March Update

Since there is no clarification that what would be the features and enhancements, Google has not clarified whether they would be targeting a specific website type. Thus; it is hard to guess regarding the update impacts. But one thing is clear that the optimization of the websites would be empowered and the users would get better search results. Here are the things that are most likely to change after the Google algorithm update:

#  Performance-Based Improvements

Google’s functionality updates are always in trend and their core emphases from this update would be on uplifting the websites that load faster and contain relevant content. The websites that aren’t good at loading need to update their website and optimize the same to ensure an adequate position in the Google search results.

Apart from this, it has been seen that most of the updates from Google are always targeting specific website types. Hence there is a chance that the March 2019 update could specifically focus on the performance of the health and medical websites. There is no official explanation regarding the same from the company.

#  Ranking-Based Enhancements

You can now expect that your website would surely rank well on Google search results when you know your website is optimized adequately. There have been a lot of discussions regarding the websites that are properly optimized as per the latest algorithm updates with relevant content but still unable to get in the top results. The latest Google search update would be benefitting these websites ensuring increased organic traffic rate and rankings.

The websites that contain proper keywords along with the content that engages users would now be able to experience great results when it comes to Google search rankings. It would be too early to comment on the influence of this update on different website domains, which can be seen in the upcoming days.

#  Mobile First Index

If you aren’t aware of Google’s emphasis on uplifting the mobile-friendly websites, you better check the previous Google search algorithm updates. As per the experts, Google would now strictly focus on mobile first indexing, which entirely looks at how good a website is performing on numerous mobile devices. The more the website is optimized as per the mobile devices; the better would be the rankings. The mobile version is now used to determine the rankings instead of the desktop version.

How one can Maintain Good Ranking in 2019 after the new Update

#  Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Design

It is necessarily crucial for an individual to make sure that their website is mobile-friendly and delivers a rich user experience on different portable devices. This would surely lend a hand in engaging users that would further help Google in identifying that your website is getting a great response and would eventually improve the ranking.

The perfect way to enhance the SEO of your website is to develop a responsive design and not just relying on adequate content. Repeated testing and removal of flaws from your website is the perfect way to maintain a good rank.

#  Never Compromise the Loading Speed of Your Website

It isn’t a great decision to optimize your website in all aspects and leaving the most important one! Your website loading speed is the first factor that can help you in enhancing your online presence without any hassle. Imagine you need an urgent piece of information on a topic and the website that you are trying to reach is taking a lot of time to load. Sounds nasty, isn’t it? One should accept the fact that without the adequate loading speed of their website they can’t manage to be in the top results.

As per the latest update, Google would be emphasizing the loading speed of a website on numerous devices. This simply means one should be sure enough that their website is performing great on numerous platforms without any glitches.

#  Always Provide Relevant Content

Once you are done with the optimization of your website, it is the time to update the content available on your website. A lot of people think that the more the content, the better would be the SEO. Well, the relevancy of the content matters the most when it comes to adequate ranking and generate traffic. The latest update would be a game-changer for the websites that are already providing relevant content.

The readers are always on a hunt for the content that can solve problems, can answer their queries, and should be engaging enough to hold the users. This also ensures that your website bounce rate is minimal, which is a great sign that you are able to maintain a great online reputation.

#  Precise Monitoring of the Analytics

It would be a great idea to consider the analysis of your website’s pages that are attracting great traffic. This would surely give you an idea about the things that matter the most to the users. Implementing the necessary changes could be the finest way to engage users and enhance your Google search engine update rankings.

#  Verdict

The new Google new search Algorithm Updates are strictly focusing on enhancing the user experience and delivering the best results. Although the exact influence isn’t depicted; it would surely create new guidelines for the businesses seeking adequate online presence. This clearly implies that the websites that aren’t yet optimized would be facing issues related to the rankings.

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