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In today’s world “Search” word is almost replaced with “Google”. Each time, we ask someone to search anything from internet, we say: “Please Google it”…

We feel that Google is the part of our life or in other words; the necessity of our life. Without google, we feel lost in this mysterious world; it helps to search useful information nearly in every arena.

Google has a huge data bank, but now google wants to improvise this data bank as a biggest data center.

Google's current knowledge base called Knowledge Graph; is used by Google to improve its search engine's exploration results with semantic-search information collected from a wide diversity of sources. Knowledge Graph display was clubbed to Google's search engine in 2012. It delivers organized and comprehensive information about the topic in addition to a list of links to extra sites.

Now Google is building the biggest stock of information in human history - a knowledge base that unconventionally gathers and combines data from across the websites to provide exceptional access to all the realities about the world.

The search giant is structuring Knowledge Vault, a type of knowledge base - a structure that stores information that enables a normal person to read and comprehend.

Vault is data management that helps unite, accomplish, and track data formation, simulation & documentation processes for design, engineering, and building teams. Knowledge Graph trusts on crowd-sourcing to multiply its information.

It started structuring the Vault by using a procedure to automatically pull in statistics from all over the web, using machine learning to turn the raw data into operational pieces of knowledge

Knowledge Vault has dragged in 1.6 billion facts till date. 271 million facts are evaluated as "confident facts", to which Google's model credits more than 90 per cent chance of being accurate, Scientist has reported.

Tom Austin, a technology analyst at Gartner in Boston, said that the world's major technology companies are competing to build similar vaults.

"Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM like giants are also working to build the biggest data center with different categories.

The Knowledge Vault will be the substance for smartphone and automation intelligence. Siri is going to get a lot healthier at interpreting what we mean when we ask questions in the future. The algorithm for Knowledge Vault is not critical and will build information relating to places, people, history, science and popular culture. This will raise some privacy concerns as the program can contact "backstage" information such as data unseen behind websites like Amazon, YouTube and Google+ etc..

In the future, virtual assistants will be able to use the database to make judgments about what does and does not matter to us. Our computers will get improved at finding the information and anticipating our needs. This could provide the means for enormous medical innovations, discovery of drifts in human history and forecast for the future.

Once the Knowledge Vault can understand objects on vision, it will become essential for immediate information generation. One day we might be able to walk everywhere, point our phone at an object, ask a question about it and receive a smart reply.

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