GPT-4 : OpenAI’s Latest Gift to Humanity

3 min read Mar 15, 2023

After making waves with ChatGPT a few months ago, OpenAI has once again initiated a series of discussions in the technology world with its latest release. On March 14, 2023, the company announced its most capable language model so far – GPT-4. This latest milestone is one step further in OpenAI’s vision of scaling up deep learning.  

We have compiled all the information you need about this large multimodal model in this blog. 

Introducing GPT-4 

According to a 2022 survey focused on the impact of artificial intelligence on life in the US (published by Bergur Thormundsson), as many as 31 percent of the participants admitted that AI will make their lives much easier. Considering the fact that AI development is still in its early stage, it is safe to assume that this number will only go up. With the launch of GPT-4, this has been established even more firmly. 

GPT-4 is capable of solving difficult problems with even greater accuracy. Unlike GPT-3, this newly launched model accepts image inputs too. According to OpenAI, it exhibits human-level performance on several professional and academic benchmarks. They have also admitted that GPT-4 has produced their best-ever results in terms of factuality, steerability, and a couple of other factors. 

“GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than ever before. It can generate, edit, and iterate with users on creative and technical writing tasks, such as composing songs, writing screenplays, or learning a user’s writing style.” 


The earliest observation about the results produced by GPT-4 suggestss that the newer model, when compared to its predecessors, is more reliable, and creative, and handles more nuanced instructions. We previously discussed the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT (a conversational AI model based on GPT-3) on our blog. 

Some key highlights that demonstrate the capabilities of GPT-4 considerably well are: 

  • GPT-4 performed very well in exams originally designed for humans; these include Olympiads too. 
  • GPT-4 outperformed many existing large language models. 
  • GPT-4 performs incredibly well when used for functions, such as support, programming, content moderation, and sales. 
  • GPT-4 accepts prompts in the form of text as well as images. 
  • Unlike GPT-3, GPT-4 offers more variety in terms of verbosity, style, and tone. 

ChatGPT Plus subscribers are already using the model to do incredible things. From recreating the game of Pong in under 60 seconds to designing wireframes for your new app or website, GPT-4 can do it all! 

When tested for its performance in Uniform Bar Exam, GPT-4 scored 90th percentile as compared to ChatGPT’s 10th, and 99th in Biology Olympiad as compared to ChatGPT’s 31st. Put simply, GPT-4 has got all the capabilities of GPT-3, but it is bigger and better! 

Limitations of GPT-4 

Listing the limitations of GPT-4, OpenAI – the most funded machine learning operations/platform startup in 2022 shared that the model is still not completely reliable. They have advised against using these language model outputs in high-stake contexts. Although, it must be noted that GPT-4 has performed significantly better in terms of factual accuracy than its previous versions. Its accuracy on adversarial questions has also improved. 

Who can use? 

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can start using GPT-4 right away. If you are looking to get access to the GPT-4 API, you should sign up on the API waitlist

Notably, OpenAI has also collaborated with a few organizations to build innovative products using GPT-4. Some applications include: 

  • Improved learning experience on Duolingo
  • Transforming visual accessibility on Be My Eyes

The Final Note 

Earlier, ChatGPT set the record for the fastest-growing user base, and now, GPT-4 is all set to become the latest talk of the town. Since it has been only a couple of days since GPT-4 was released, it is too soon to comment on its performance capabilities and limitations; however, it will be interesting to witness how the community extracts the best out of it! 

Give a head start to your business operations by leveraging the enormous capabilities of GPT-4 with the help of our experts! 

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