Seasia Infotech’s AVP Joins GoodFirms Leaders RoundTable  

4 min read Jun 07, 2024

Our AVP, Mr. Anil Rana, was invited to participate in the recent GoodFirms Leaders RoundTable, an esteemed series of podcast interview discussions with top industry experts and prominent figures in IT services and software companies. This event serves as a rich source of insights for budding entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

Highlights from the Podcast Discussion with Anil Rana 

Seasia Infotech’s Journey Amid Evolving Tech Industry 

Anil started by sharing his perspective on the gigantic shifts in the technology landscape over the last 10 years and how Seasia Infotech has skillfully handled these transitions. He discussed how technological advancements, specifically in AI and machine learning, have played a pivotal role in reshaping Seasia's software development practices. User experience and design thinking have become primary concerns, making sure that Seasia's digital products not only work efficiently but also resonate deeply with users. 

To adapt to these changes, Seasia Infotech has focused on continuous learning and innovation. The company has invested in skill development through centers of excellence like MoogleLabs for AI, ML, and blockchain, and BugRaptors for quality assurance. A customer-first mindset helps Seasia Infotech better understand and meet client needs, ensuring a journey of constant evolution. 

The Human Side of Technology 

Anil emphasized the importance of the human side of technology, especially as AI and other advanced technologies take center stage. He stressed that technology should augment, not replace, human capabilities. Ethical and societal norms must guide the development and implementation of technology to ensure it enriches lives without negatively impacting the human element. 

Seasia Infotech focuses on making technology approachable and considerate, creating user experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all. In AI development, the company ensures that the human element is integral to the process, ensuring that technology amplifies human potential and enriches lives. 

Empathy in Technology Development 

Empathy plays a crucial role in developing and implementing new technologies. It ensures that products improve human experiences and address real-world problems. It is also the element that helps developers consider broader societal impacts, such as the potential to widen the digital divide or displace workers and encourages finding solutions to mitigate these effects. Embedding empathy into development processes helps understand the real-world implications of technology, ensuring its positive societal impact. 

Personal Experiences Shaping Innovation 

Anil highlighted how personal experiences and backgrounds shape innovation and problem-solving in the tech field. For example, while developing a healthcare app, a team member's background in social work with the elderly informed the creation of intuitive navigation and voice commands, making the app more accessible to seniors and less tech-savvy users. 

Values and Principles in Decision-Making 

Anil discussed Seasia Infotech’s core values, including prioritizing customer needs and ensuring high quality. The company’s commitment to constant growth and learning underpins its superior service delivery. Additionally, Seasia Infotech leverages its platform for positive societal and environmental change, embracing ethical practices and community engagement. 

Cultivating Inclusivity and Belonging 

Anil emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusivity within Seasia Infotech. The company implements policies promoting equality and respect, such as flexible work arrangements and anti-discrimination measures. Community engagement and corporate social responsibility initiatives focus on education, technology access, and empowering underrepresented groups. 

Addressing Pressing Challenges in Tech 

Anil identified key challenges in maintaining ethical, balanced, and human-focused technology use. Ethical AI principles, data privacy, and sustainable practices are critical areas of focus. Bridging the skills gap through continuous upskilling and promoting a culture of learning are also essential for staying competitive and responsible in the tech industry. 

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Technologists 

Anil encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists to start small, embrace challenges, and maintain a user-centric approach. Ethical and sustainability considerations should guide decision-making to ensure positive societal impacts. Collaboration and a shared vision for change are vital for achieving significant innovation. 

Building a Strong Profile on GoodFirms 

Anil highlighted how GoodFirms has helped Seasia Infotech thrive in a competitive landscape. The platform has enhanced the company’s reach and credibility, showcasing its expertise, successful projects, and genuine testimonials. GoodFirms has provided valuable insights and connections, attracting potential clients worldwide. 

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Looking Ahead 

The future of innovation lies in integrating technological advancements with a focus on human needs and societal values will create more meaningful and responsible digital products. Businesses should partner with top custom software development companies to build high-quality, human-centric software applications that drive improved outcomes, competitiveness, & sustainable growth. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and contribute to shaping a technology-driven future. 

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