Mobile Apps and User Experience – Does it Matters?

Mobile Apps and User Experience – Does it Matters

With the evolving digital era, mobile application development technology is also growing at a tremendous pace.

Even though, in a market where performance & quality is always above brand loyalty, creating a flexible user-experience (UX) is the KEY to success of any mobile application development project.

It can be stated that, user-experience is the most crucial element when it comes to the digital landscape.

It clearly expresses how the user actually feels & thinks about your product from their perspective.

In simple terms, it’s all about making something useful, easy-to-use and productive for your target market.

You might be thinking that why to focus on user experience, RIGHT?

Reason is quite obvious, if your app delivers frustrating, confusing and poor user experience, sooner or later users will abandon or uninstall it.

Hence, it is vital to follow a user-centralized approach to mobile app development that gives top priority to the needs of target users.

Enriched user experience offers various key benefits to the businesses or organizations that deliver it and here are some of them:

a) Trustworthy customer-base:

Every smartphone owner, once in their lifetime definitely tastes the bad experience of using a mobile application with lots of complexities, errors & bugs, unexpected behaviors and frustrating interactions.

Reality is that, a poorly designed mobile application diminishes customer loyalty.

If your main motive is to scare users, then all you need is a bad first impression to turn them away in a fastest way.

But nobody wants that, as you might not be able to nurture a long-lasting relationship with users.

On the other hand, providing good user experience can increase user engagement and builds the kind of fidelity that lure people coming back for more.

b) Improved customer satisfaction:

One of the keys to run a successful business - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

Success of any business or industry (online or offline) is often evaluated by total no. of satisfied clients.

The enhanced experience you provide to users, the more satisfied they’ll be - and the reverse is also true.

If customers are not satisfied with a product or service, they’ll barely recommend it to their friends and families.

The same applies to mobile apps as well.

Why do users delete or abandon an app?

Reason is quite obvious - Poor User Experience, this further entails:

  • Slow responsiveness
  • Heavy battery usage
  • Too many ads and so on...

If an app is unable to deliver user-expectations and a positive impression, it will probably annoy them and will be deleted.

c) Edge over competitors:

In a crowd of millions, it is nearly impossible to stand-out. It is vital that your app stands out from the rest.

But, making your product prominent in a saturated marketplace is not as easy as you might think.

Although, there are plenty of tricky tactics that one can try to make their app noticeable. In order to succeed, one should involve the user from the beginning.

Users are always attracted to apps that are capable of providing them with what they really want.

d) Narrow down support expenses:

A well-designed application can definitely save you time and money.

Mobile app users generally struggle with simple issues that solutions can be easily found on a well-designed app.

Mobile apps provide users a way to not only find solutions, but to connect with businesses or services 24/7, regardless of their location.

Services like access to a help desk, direct personal calls with sales people, live chat and even continuous support to customers can be offered. One can easily save plenty of money, as they don’t need to hire as many help desk staff.

The app should be able to provide all the info a user wants on your business & products promptly, and in-turn will ultimately result in a higher-level of user engagement with your brand.

e) Better sales:

Well-designed mobile apps have improved traffic, transactions and conversations.

These sorts of apps entice & keep more customers, who will purchase more products and leave positive feedback.

Happy customers generally spread the “kind words” about a service with their friends and families.

Apart from word-of-mouth these satisfied users also review mobile apps online, which ultimately play a significant role in convincing other latent users to download the app.

Online reviews are the most trusted source of information & building trust with users is a chief element in ensuring that more & more individuals download and use the application.

User-focused approach for mobile app designing and development reduces the number of bug fixes and maintenance needs that generally appear after launching an application.Recognizing glitches in advance can save lots of time and money on app updates in the future.

Final Words:

A well-thought and researched mobile solution needs to be added to your whole digital strategy, offering a unified and unique user experience.Hence, content and functionality provided on your app must be in alignment with actual needs of your target audience.End-product must be able to deliver a great user experience, irrespective of purpose or function of an app.

Remember, if you are not able to provide a superior mobile experience, you could be doing more damage than good to your reputation.

That’s all for now! Do you’ve any suggestions on how to improve user experience for mobile applications? If yes, feel free to share your views in the comment section.

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