React Native 0.59 Released: All Set to Hit the Markets!


There is a lot of hype regarding the upcoming version of React Native with Hook implementation, which would surely augment the conventional development. The updated version is expected to lend a hand in solving numerous problems, which were not possible in the previous updates of React application development environment.

With features like reusability of code and the ability to divide the different components into individual small functions according to the relation between them; the new update is highly appreciated. Moreover, the developers out there can now create fabulous applications and that too without the use of classes.

If you wish to develop an application with minimal investment of time and money, you should prefer to React Native latest version for the same. One can use the same code for both the iOS and Android platforms, which surely saves your time as compared to the individual development for these platforms.

Now when the update for this platform is available, a lot of assumptions are being made regarding the overall performance and stability of the applications built on this platform. Dive in here to know more about the latest update that would surely help you in developing applications that are more stable and reliable.

#  Introduction to React Hooks-

The latest version is now updated with the React Hooks that allows the users to use the diverse lifecycle features with the help of functional components. Apart from this, the various improvements in CLI are implemented that has more to do with the developer’s overall development experience.


You can now get the adequate support for your development related queries and the new update has shifted the tools (CLI) to an entirely new repository along with some major improvements. The updated command helps in upgrading the source files without many efforts. You just need to install Git on your system and follow these commands:-

Step 1:

git init
git add .
git commit -m "upgrade RN"

This would initialize Git into your system that would further help you in the development process.

Step 2:

Now you need to Run the Command - Upgrade
You have to Run the below-mentioned command in order to upgrade to the latest version:

react-native upgrade

Note: You can also specifically update the version by mentioning the same in the above command. For instance:
react-native upgrade 0.59.0-rc.0

This would update you to the React Native latest version.

Installing the Upgrade (Alternate Way):

For some rare cases, the above-mentioned method won’t work, which is the reason you need to check this method.

Installing the Upgrade

Firstly, you have to download the React-Native npm package and then install the latest version on your system. Now you need to follow the commands that would help you in the entire process:

$ npm install --save react-native@X.Y

Just in case, if there is a warning about peer dependency, you need to upgrade react by running:

$ npm install --save react@R

Updating your Project Templates:

It is important for you to update your project template so as to ensure that the development environment is all set for developing your new project. The latest npm package could contain the updated files, which are usually available when you prefer running react-native init.

updating-your Project Templates

It would be a great decision to seek help from the rn-diff-purge just to make sure that there were some alterations in the project’s template files. There could be chances that no changes were initiated and you have to rebuild the project in that particular case. Manual update of your project could be the best option in that case.

For some major changes in the templates, you have to run the following command:

$ react-native upgrade

Advantages of the New Update

There are numerous ways you can expect enhancement in your development environment with the latest React Native 0.59 update. Here is the list of advantages that you would be getting once you update:

i.   The JavaScript Core Update

JavaScript Core is the base for the React Native for years. But when we talk about the development of Android applications, it was introduced a few years back. This was the main reason why most of the devices didn’t support the features of JavaScript. The performance of the Android applications built over this platform was comparatively poor when compared to iOS.

But with the new React Native release, the entire game would be surely changed. With the launch of new 64-bit support, you can expect better stability and performance on both the platforms. As per the React Native developers, the new update would be focusing on an enhanced performance that also serves the user’s expectations. On the other hand, the developers also get the advantage of developing in an advanced environment that caters the needs as per the user’s expectations.

ii.   Improved Application Starting Time

For all those who are worried about their mobile application’s slow loading time and inadequate performance; React Native 0.59 would be the ultimate solution for the same! The quick resource loading feature would be avoiding the slow loading time and would eventually boost the performance of the application.


One can invoke a feature that eventually analyzes the components that are taking too much time to load and enhance the user experience, which wasn’t in the earlier updates.

iii.   Code Reusability

As discussed earlier, React Native latest version lets you use the same code for both the development platforms. The conventional way of developing a mobile application actually consumed a lot of time and efforts, which isn’t the same in the case of React Native 0.59.


Apart from this, features like live reload let the developer see the change immediately just after the alterations are made. The developers can see the changes on the same screen where two windows are open. This is the main reason why most of the developers are emphasizing building their applications by updating their current frameworks.

Final Verdict

The React Native upgrade has provided enough possibilities to the developers out there. Some of the smart features surely contribute to the enhancement of user experience.

You can update to the newer version by following the simple steps mentioned above and can also take the help of the community support for more details.

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Gurinder Pal Singh is working as Sr. Project Manager (Java department) for Seasia Infotech; at Mohali based CMMi Level 5 Web & mobile app development company. He regularly contributes in many online communities like StackOverFlow and other related to the Java Development and allied frameworks.

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