Digital Revolution with Mobile Apps in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Digital Revolution with Mobile Apps in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Due to the rising use of smartphones and mobile app stores, fitness and healthcare apps are gaining a substantial amount of popularity of the last two years. A firm growth in wearable technology is also a subsidizing factor in this scenario. Pharma and healthcare executives are well versed with this transformation and are experimenting with a wide range of digital initiatives. Mobile app development companies are helping the medical industry in this and are playing a vital role in the digital revolution of the healthcare sector. With the passage of time, the pharma app industry is only going to touch the zenith.

Let’s discuss the major factors that the pharma/ healthcare sector and mobile app companies can consider while making apps. These factors can also change your perspective towards the medical applications.

1.  Fitness app for chronic diseases
A huge fraction of people is constantly suffering from autoimmune, metabolic, genetic and other severe diseases that make patients follow strict precautions and guidelines. Doctors recommend them routine checkups and regular supervisions. IT companies have made numerous apps that can look after such complications. Considering their knowledge and proficiency, it is much more advantageous for medical companies make pharma apps that address the issues of the patients.

2. Locating free health care clinics and hospitals
Majority of population in the world still cannot pay for health care services. Pharma companies can make use of this matter and make a mobile app that can take care of such real issues. The app that can send notifications to people about the free health checkups for the specific ailments, plan/ schedule appointments and make them remind about the schedule beforehand. Providing a genuine helping hand is also a considerable way of endorsing your brand.

3. Ordering drugs
An online transaction is a buzzword in this day and age. Right from home delivery of food to booking cabs – people are getting used to doing everything online. Pharma companies can add one more service in this list i.e. Doorway delivery of the prescribed medicines.

4. Cross checking clash by multiple medications
Pharma companies can make app’s recording patient information. With this, when the concerned person will buy recommended medicines for another ailment, the app will prompt him/ her of the reactions or allergies that can happen with the clash of multiple medications. This can endorse both the brand and the product and gather a massive following from the crowd of patients.

5. Social network connecting patients
Diseases such as Multiple sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, etc. do not have any proper cure and pose patients with a lifelong struggle to cope with. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can build social networking service apps that can connect patients having similar ailments with each other. This will make experienced patients, assist one another and control their medical issues, while conducting day-to-day activities.


There is a variable swath of medical apps on the market, which allow you to better understand pharmaceuticals or to diagnose your symptoms and prepare you for an unexpected medical emergency. Seasia took such apps to a whole new level by making:

Herbpathy App: Herbpathy is a repertory and a Materia Medica of herbs. It lists common diseases and suggests herbs to cure these diseases. It also gives a combination of herbs that benefit a disease.


Medi Alert App: The MediAlert app built by Seasia Infotech is a simple medicine reminder app. It schedules alarms and reminds you when to take medicine. It also lets you schedule alarms for your next upcoming appointment with the doctor. Furthermore, you can make your own notes on prescription and can take pictures of the prescription given by the doctor.


Fitness Visa app: It’s a fitness app that offers you an exceptional facility to get limitless access to all the nearby fitness centers. Any studio or gym can be chosen as per your preference and requirement. Trying different Fitness gyms and studios provides you an exclusive experience of exercising and achieve flourishing health.

We are trying our best in the medical field to give the most out of mobile apps and popularizing it on app stores. We are also developing one more pharma app which will help you order medicines online from a pharmacy. All you’ll have to do is upload the prescription using your phone (camera) to place the order. This shall be the best app for those who are too lazy to visit the local medical stores.



With the advancements in the digital technology, the competition in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies is getting fierce. Within 5 to 7 years, a substantial proportion of the medical portfolio will create value through more than just drugs. Many drugs and healthcare apps will be a part of the digital ecosystem that will constantly monitor the condition of the patient and provide instant feedback. This ecosystem will help in advancing health outcomes by modifying therapies to a patient’s lifestyle and clinical needs and permit distant monitoring by medical professionals of a patient’s ailment and adherence to treatment.

With the right technical expertise, pharmaceutical/ healthcare corporations can collaborate with mobile app development companies to ensemble a right balance between human touch and promotional value. And since Seasia Infotech is utilizing this area quite well, we are open for all the market leaders from the pharmaceutical industries for an ideal mobile app alliance.

Turn Your App Idea into a Reality

Turn Your App Idea into a Reality

Mobility is the latest trend in the technological sector, and mobile applications are gradually transforming the interactions and equations of work in this industry. Mobile applications have gained popularity because of their utility. They are one of the principal contributing aspects to the success of mobile phones.

Mobile applications have multiplied the attention of the users and have become a budding success in a flash. But, because of lack of essential information and proficiency, people are usually not aware about how to shape their ideas into reality.

So, How Do You Get Started?

Decked are the top tips to be considered to turn your idea into a mobile application:

1.  Write Down Your Feature List:

You may want to turn that one big idea into a mobile application, it is not recommended to isolate your other smaller ideas. Embark them all on paper, it will help you categorize the ideas and focus on it.

2. Pick One That Really Adheres You:

Once you are done with the listing of the ideas, discuss them with your developers, designers and co-founders. This will help you to get an idea about which dreams can be successfully converted into a mobile application.

3. Research Your Market:

Once you are aware of the gist of your idea, conduct a market research to ascertain if it really has some potential. Although your idea should be unique, it is also important to learn if there is any similar application in the market. If existing, study it, review it, check the feedback and analyze what new you can provide to your users. This will help you to understand the market better and you will be able to build an app as per the requirement of the market.

You can also conduct assessments to discover your potential customers. Analyze what are their expectations from a new app and what matches your goal.

4. Identify Your Audience:

When conducting a market research, you will be able to see your potential customers but it is important to identify who would be the actual users of your app.

It is vital to know your audience so you can see what else needs to be fixed in the app. While you may have just the gist, the whole idea will rely on who your customers or audiences are as they will decide on whether your app will be a success or not.

5. The Name Ceremony:

Now is the time to give your app a name. When you are naming your app, you are basically building a brand image. So the name should be unique, and be able to indicate what the app is about. You can get in touch with professional developers who could help you decide the name with their knowledge and skills in their field.

6. The Development:

While most of the organizations have in-house developers to develop apps, others can outsource their work to reputed app development companies or try a cloud-based solution that enables one to create apps without any coding.

Once developed, you need to test it to the potential customers. Show it to them and explain how it works. Always keep them in mind when you test the app or make any changes to it, as it all depends on them whether your app will be well-received or not.

7. Start Pitching Businesses:

Once the initial version is ready, look for businesses and vendors who would want to build your app ahead of this for a more professional outlook. This is where your market research comes in, where you can discover which organization can best fit your app/ idea.

Approach these vendors and create a great pitch, try and convince them to take your app and build it with their inputs to it.

8. Promote It To The Target Groups:

It is now that you can promote your app and have the chance to reach to the potential customers who want to try your app.

Look for different ways to promote your app. Utilize the power of social media to display and promote your product. You can also gain benefits through the App Store Optimization services.

At Seasia Infotech, we believe in your ideas and as always keen to help you to make them live. Whether it’s just a gist you want an app made out of, or have a half made application, we are always available to your rescue.

We believe in quality of work and customer satisfaction, thus, offering a set of malleable pricing models to our customers. Our clients are authorized to select the best option as per their business requirements.  Our famed strategies and planning work together with our renowned branding and digital design experts has made us one of the best organizations for mobile development in India.

Mobile Apps & Business Growth: Are They Correlated?

Mobile Apps & Business Growth: Are They Correlated

Do you & think a mobile app is suitable for large business infrastructures and reputed brands only? If so, then you are completely going wrong.

In reality, fact is totally contrary from your thinking. Mobile apps play a crucial role in the business, sales and profit maximization.

Success of a business strongly requires increasing or maintaining customer retention and loyalty. This is even more crucial for a small-sized business, as 80% of sales will be derived from your best 20% of customer base.

So how can you overlook the vitality of a mobile business app as a part of your business success strategy?

Mobile apps have completely changed the way individuals interact with businesses these days and this trend is rising progressively.

Every business is unique and hence you should always opt for a mobile app that is customized to match your business.


Before building an app for your business it’s important to be clear about your objectives, reasons of mobile app utilization and how it can deliver fruitful results (in terms of business growth):

1. All Time Customer Engagement (24/7):

According to a recent statistical report, on average U.S. smartphone owners spend more than 2 hours per day with their mobile applications.

Therefore, it is now essential for your business to be present over there so that, your products or services can be visible to your potential customers at all the time.

Another reason for getting a mobile app for your business is that people want prompt response & gratification.

Through a mobile app you can easily interact with your customers in real time & location and provide them what they require and when they require it, let’s say you can send them informative messages about:

  • Unique coupon codes or some special deals that customers can redeem.

  • New program announcement.

  • Event updates.

  • Exclusive promotions

  • Product arrivals/ New store.

  • Upcoming launches & sales.

  • Promote your business.

  • Sneak previews.

2. Direct Marketing and Brand Recognition:

As a direct marketing channel, it can perform quite well. Customer base can connect with you directly and provide general information, booking forms, prices, search features, messengers, user accounts and news feeds etc.

Push notifications are even the best way for direct brand recognition.

3. Giving Value To The Customers:

There are several means to offer value and best rewards to your loyal as well as potential customers.

You can provide best offers, seasonal sales and flat discounts via push notifications to the direct end users.

By doing so your potential customer base would go directly through your store & can take benefit.

At the same time this tactic will be valuable for your business too, because of the enhanced user engagement and increased no. of downloads.

4. Customer Engagement – Acquire Loyal Customers:

The customers are always seeking for a medium to directly reach to you and the mobile business apps can be used for the same.

The in-app advertising is receiving a great response. More & more individuals are using mobile web and mobile apps for their search queries, because smartphone devices are handy & convenient to use.

Hence, by using a flexible app interface you can get the actual user engagement.

Increase user engagement & increase traffic from your mobile app

5. Increasing Sales:

You can eventually increase you business sales by integrating mobile shopping cart or event ticket purchasing.

A mobile app is worth considering, if you sell your services or products online.

This offers your customer base the flexibility to do the similar things they would commonly have done sitting at their desks, but on their phones.

Businesses can make best use of a mobile business application to promote their business like never before with the help of functions like:

  • Messaging.

  • Photo sharing.

  • Push notifications.

  • Loyalty programs.

6. Edge Over Competitors:

With the increasing competition faced by all kinds of businesses, your business must be represented as the best. Therefore, your website and mobile app should be user friendly and responsive.

Application is must to get the user attention, because your competitors are already using it.


A well-planned mobile app strategy for your business will put you ahead of your competitors as well as it will give you the convenience to directly interact with your customers on their smart phones on a daily basis & thus leads to improved brand perception & credibility.