12 Top PHP Frameworks For MNC’s and Startups

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Technology has eventually transformed the conventional lifestyle and has enhanced the way of living. There is no point you can deny the fact that internet and e-trading are influencing our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine.

When we talk about the latest trends in the web development industry, we can’t neglect PHP, which has significantly witnessed growth in recent years. When it comes to the overall reliability of a website, you can always rely on PHP.

But have you ever wondered what else you can expect from a framework that has already proven to be the perfect choice for the developers when it comes to security and stability? Well, you can always expect great functionality from the diverse PHP frameworks that can be quite helpful for generating adequate revenues for the newcomers in the market.

What is PHP framework?

PHP Framework

A PHP framework allows you to create PHP web applications. PHP frameworks include libraries for widely used functions, reducing the amount of original code that developers must create from scratch.

A PHP framework is a basic building block for developing PHP web applications. Frameworks are beneficial because they streamline and standardize the development process, removing any uncertainty about where to begin while developing an application.

But have you ever wondered what else you can expect from a framework that has already proven to be the perfect choice for the developers when it comes to security and stability? Well, you can always expect great functionality from the diverse PHP frameworks that can be quite helpful for generating adequate revenues for the newcomers in the market.

List of Best PHP Frameworks



Laravel is now ranking as the top PHP framework that harmonizes every business need with the development of crisp web applications. The innovative features and stability of Laravel is perhaps the reason you can consider a website development in the same.

Laravel eventually includes native PHP that significantly provides a strong base to reliable web development without any glitches. Unified data migration, enhanced security, and vast development community are some of the strong advantages that one can’t ignore in any case. If you are also seeking one of the reliable frameworks for a business perspective, undeniably, you should go for Laravel.



Many of you would be surely unaware about Symfony, which is one of the scalable PHP framework preferred worldwide. You can always expect better and quick development with Symfony. This is the reason why most of the startups prefer this framework

The simple maintenance, translator, and Form Config are some of the features that have made this framework worth relying on 2019. The list of features includes better support, low maintenance, flexibility, and better security.

So, if you are one of those who doesn’t want a hassle while developing a responsive design for your business website, you should definitely go for Symfony!


Zend Framework

For the ones seeking a light-weight PHP framework for their business website development, Zend is the optimum choice! There are a lot of improvements and features in the latest version of Zend. You can always expect better designing and higher reliability when you prefer Zend as the development framework.

As per the experts, whenever you are seeking the best experience of object-oriented programming and need adequate consistency in the overall design; you need not look further Zend! The open source framework holds great features that include quick development, higher productivity, and flexible architecture.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP

If you are on a hunt for a framework that can lend a hand in quick and easier development, undoubtedly, Cake PHP is for you! One of the biggest reasons to rely on this framework is the fact that you can easily create, read, update, and delete.

You can always expect better reliance with Cake PHP especially if you are about to develop a website that can attract potential clients and can eventually generate leads. One can easily integrate the database with this framework, which makes it ideal for websites that demand adequate stability and performance.

It is also an open source platform that can offer flexibility, compatibility, and cost efficiency. There are certainly more features that make Cake PHP ideal for website development.



You may be familiar with CodeIgniter, which is a powerful framework that can deliver exceptional performance-based website designing experience. You need not implement any configuration and you eventually get the compatibility with the standard hosting with CodeIgniter. Apart from this, this framework is known for its user-friendliness.

Most of the businesses rely on CodeIgniter when it comes to full-fledged website development that can enhance their business in many ways. The customization and configuration of this framework is quite easy, which makes it an ideal option for creating a responsive website for different businesses.


yii framework

Yii is one of the lightest frameworks that offers easy installation and has integration with CodeCeption. This is the main reason why people who are seeking a framework that can offer fast development and deployment of their business website.

Apart from this, Yii is known for its enhanced security features, which is again the reason you can rely on this powerful framework. It would be a great decision if you prefer hiring a renowned developer for the same if you are expecting great reliance.


Fat-free Framework

The light-weight PHP framework is highly recommended by professional website developers around the world. It is the lightest framework that can be considered for performance-based website development that can serve your purpose.

The features of this framework include multilingual application support, URL router, and seamless support is perhaps the reason why you can prefer this framework for efficient development. One can include numerous plugins when it comes to the compatibility of this powerful framework. Apart from this, there are a lot of developers that prefer this framework for development purposes just to augment their online marketing needs.



The Object-Oriented Programming based framework lets you design fantastic websites that can have outstanding features. One can easily include the OOP functionality by using this framework, which is intended to augment your multi-functionality website.

It is always a great decision to seek professional help from a developer that holds good experience in creating websites that offer dynamic functionality. Automatic class loading, overloading, and interfaces are primary features of Kohana that makes it ideal for enhanced functionality website development.



This PHP 5.3 based framework offers exceptional development environment for developers seeking the perfect HMVC implementation. Moreover, this development framework lets you develop engaging website designs that can harmonize your business needs.

Furthermore, the overall security features of this framework have significantly made this framework one of the most trusted frameworks when it comes to the development of advanced functionality enabled websites.



Flight is the best micro-framework that can be easily utilized for the development of adequate website design for both business and personal purposes. You can use this framework for an enhanced experience when it comes to quick and hassle-free website designing for your diverse needs. Another reason to rely on this framework is the fact that you can always experience easy documentation.

This micro-framework is usually recommended for small web application development, which is due to the fact that it cannot handle huge application development.


Slim framework

One can write a simple yet engaging web application code with this superior PHP frameworks. This is also a micro-framework that can help you in getting the desired designing and functionality for your compact website that isn’t stuffed with a lot of functionalities.

One can develop numerous API’s and similar web services, which is perhaps the reason why most of the developers are emphasizing using this framework. This is the perfect choice for small and medium web applications development purposes when thinking about the development of API’s and web services.



One of the finest PHP frameworks that enable the development of advanced plugin architecture is Li3. It is the best framework that can be used to develop RESTful API without any hassle. Apart from this, you can always seek enhanced productivity with this framework.

These were the frameworks that can be quite useful for numerous businesses. One can expect enhanced productivity and better client engagement when they prefer any of the above-mentioned php frameworks.

You might be wondering which Is the Best PHP Framework for Beginners?

CodeIgnitor is best for beginners.

When it comes to CodeIgniter, the first thing to note is that it is only 2MB in size.

If you're a newbie, CodeIgniter is a good choice, especially if you want to build dynamic websites. It's one of the simplest PHP frameworks to use, and it's simple to set up on any operating system.

Furthermore, because it is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, you can readily find tutorials on the internet to help you better grasp it.

The following are some of the key advantages of CodeIgniter PHP frameworks:

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Scalable
  • Robust
  • Fantastic error handling
  • MVC (Model View Controller) architecture
  • Plenty of built-in Security features

If you want to create lightweight apps and online solutions without sacrificing performance or scalability, CodeIgniter is the way to go.

CodeIgniter, on the other hand, should not be utilized to develop web apps that require a high level of security because its releases are irregular at the current.

How to choose the right PHP framework?


Choosing the best PHP framework might be tricky. When you go over the frameworks listed above, you'll realize that many of them come with a lot of benefits.

Large and complicated apps are well-suited to frameworks like Phalcon and Laravel.

Frameworks like Symfony and Slim, on the other hand, are ideal for firms that wish to start small, while growth is also a possibility with these frameworks.

Many of these frameworks are as strong as CodeIgniter, yet it requires less configuration.

When it comes to comparing frameworks, there are obviously a lot of options to consider. Consider seeking advice from a skilled software developer, which would be of great help.

The Bottom Line

Using a framework is a good idea if you want to cut down on the time you spend building PHP web apps.

Make sure you have a good understanding of PHP and the underlying principles behind frameworks, such as MVC design, object-oriented syntax, databases and ORMs, and the command line, to get the most out of a PHP framework and minimize annoyance.

The framework you choose will be determined by the kind of app you're creating. PHP frameworks cater to a wide range of preferences, from the ultra-simple to the difficult one. Hopefully, this post has assisted you in determining the best PHP framework for your needs.

Now it's your turn: which PHP framework do you prefer and why? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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