Top Tools For iOS App Development

Top Tools For iOS App Development

iPhones are now common. They are not just in the reach for the elites anymore. People are shifting towards iPhones as Android phones may have performance issues. This behavior is observed by a business which is the major reason that they are shifting their interest in iOS app development.

Mobile apps are now the modern face of business websites. As people prefer mobile devices than the desktops, mobile apps are perfect to interact with them in order to establish healthy and two-sided communication where they can feel valued.

In this post, you will learn about the tools that you can leverage for your iOS mobile app development process. Some of the tools are free of cost while some of them are paid. Of course, the paid one has their privileges yet free tools are also kind of awesome.

So, without further ado, let’s get you started,

I. Xcode

I reckon Xcode as the holy grail of iOS app development. It is a complete developer toolset to create applications for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. The principal function of Xcode is to bring user interface, coding, and testing in one amalgamated workflow. Don’t mistake it for a mere tool for iOS app development. Xcode is more than it looks; it is the sacred ground where the applications are developed.

II. Mockingbird

When you are at the initial stage of the development it is the tool you want to start with. It allows you to surface your visual ideas imprint on digital media. You can create multiple pages to showcase your ideas and streamline them in order of your choice. While sketching the ideas you can also change the alignments, the font size, and color as well. It also gives you an option to share the sketch with others.

III. Bjango

Bjango is an ultimate tool which can help you in designing your mobile app. While using Photoshop you can utilize this tool to streamline your design process. You can change the size of the canvas with a single click, scale the image from 50 to 200 percent, and also you can set lighting up to 90 degrees as well.

IV. Marvel

No, it is not the Marvel cinema. It is, however, a wonderful tool which converts the raw sketches into interactive prototypes. You can add paper sketches to the app via a camera which allows you to draw directly in the application.

V. Crayons

Crayons is a color plugin which will aid you in enhancing the work with the colors. As the colors are in codes, you can easily use custom colors simply by using the codes designated to them.

VI. Sip

This incredible tool will help you in encoding color on the screen. It has 35 color formats for you to choose from. Sip is considered to be an excellent choice for organizing, collecting, and sharing your color with the powerful extension of Photoshop.

VII. Jazzy

When it comes to code documentation of these codes is paramount. When you are developing your iOS application, you might want to make sure that while using Swift and Objective-C you keep the track of your code. This is where Jazzy comes into existence. Jazzy create documents that can be accessed using SourceKit and Clang AST. A well-documented code will help you in streamline the development procedure of your iOS application.

VIII. Qordoba

Qordoba is not just a tool it is a development toolkit. It will efficiently connect your database with your application. It generally works with the local files and assets.

IX. Applyzer

Once you are done with the development of your application, you want to see how it is performing in comparison with the other application. With Applyzer, you can easily track how your iOS application is performing among all the other iTunes store applications. The use is very simple. You can easily create an account and then enter your application ID to see the rankings.

X. Charter

Charter is a tool which provides an online and offline view and supports message threading. It is extracted from the Swift programming language which helps you to keep up with the language mailing list on iPhones and iPads.

XI. Swift Express

Swift Express is also written in Swift programming language which is why this tool is so powerful. While handling issues to run the app it will also help you to manage all the dependencies of the project. The framework and the routing mechanism is extremely easy.

XII. Cocoa Controls

Cocoa controls is not an iOS development tools, it is a framework library. It consists of a list of codes that you can use in your iOS application. With over 1,000+ combination of code library, it acts as an open source community. With such ample resource, you can save ample of your time.

XIII. Dribble & Capptivate

Capptivate & Dribble are the two destinations where you can brainstorm designs for your applications. If you are looking for design inspirations then this tools will help you in many ways. If the still images are not enough, you can go for animation as well here in Dribble & Capptivate. These tools act more as a resource than a mere tool in designing your iOS mobile application.

Conclusive Remark

So, these are the tools which you can leverage while developing a mobile application for your iOS users. I hope the tools on this list will help you and develop a better mobile application to better represent your business. Leave a comment if you have any query regarding the mobile app development. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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