What Exactly Can Make Your Website Click?

What exactly can make your website click

In every organization there is a constant upgradation strategy related to their business. Big organizations hire agencies that take care of their online reputation and overall branding. Doing this, they satisfy their original marketing agenda at the same time.

Now you might get confused that how these organizations manage to maintain their digital presence?? Here’s the answer for your question.

They generally don’t dig into implementing the digital marketing techniques rather they prefer to redesign the website in order to improve their SEO potential .This will promote their products and services at the same time.

Application of individual strategies might bring results for short period of time but eventually visitor strength will decrease over time. Their Strategies should be like that they bring long lasting results.

Now, we look into each and every digital media marketing aspects through which your website can be impacted and how a well-designed website can bring tones of visitors to website every day.

1. SEO OR Search engine optimization:  This can be important reason for a website to be redesigned for. Your website ranking may fall in Google and in other search engines. Redesigning website taking Google consideration into account makes your website to rank in major search engines. After effects of panda update: Post panda update penalizes duplicate content and those organizations having duplicate content have started redesigning their websites.

It is highly likely that duplicate content can be found on a) News pages

2. Blog page. In case of eCommerce websites you might have similar pages for different products. So in that case your website content can be automatically duplicated.


a) Follow no follow tags in offending pages.

b) Another problem can be solved by taking care while designing the base infrastructure itself.

3. Branding: Branding seems realistic in itself but it’s not easy to improve and maintain branding of one’s business. Branding accounted for whole things like your business search engine, social media and local presence .A good user experience and other designing aspects helps to improve branding and whenever we see any site, we create a general perception in our mind regarding its purpose. We wish to identify it for a particular reason. Therefore, during website designing it’s important to keep note of the perception you wish your users to experience when they come to your site. This means from the logo, to the base color and its typography, everything needs to be accounted for.

4. User interface: A user interface is very important for your website to rank well. There are mainly three things which user wants while visiting any website.

5. Navigation: Another is navigation capability; your site should be easy to navigate for users because it is ultimately made for users.

6. Ease to use: Your website must be easy to use in all aspects from filling contact form to visiting any page.

7. Page load speed: Your website must load within seconds and website loading speed must be checked before launching it. Slower websites creates poor user experience and increased bounce rate for your website. In some cases business owners give their node to programmers in their attempt to make the website attractive. They use high pixel images and videos which negatively impact your website loading speed. Use of compressed images is advisable for better search engine ranking.

8. Pay per click marketing: PPC marketing can be done to promote your business for specific keywords you have bided for through landing pages. This helps you in increasing the conversion rate and hence increased leads.

Above mentioned points can help to achieve maximum clicks and hence chances of getting leads will also increases.

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Diwas is a self-professed ‘writer by birth’, and holds a Degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Integrated Marketing that complement his innate abilities. He is also a Hubspot certified Content Marketer and has worked with numerous publications in the print-media before switching to the digital world. He is a firm believer in team work; for him, it is not just the idea, but also the team’s buy-in into the idea, that makes a campaign successful!

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