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What Happened During an Hour in the Hour of Code

Mar 18, 2015

A) Hour of code was an informatory session giving a brief description about the importance of coding.

B) It started with emphasizing the importance to learn coding at early stages of schooling, which can be achieved through one of the famous web portals such as “”.

C) It illustrated the stories of various coders/programmers who turned out to be successful entrepreneurs in the info-tech business due to their early coding skills.

D) No sooner the former finished, everyone was asked to sign-up on the as a student and start with the preliminary coding test, which consisted of 20 levels.

E) These levels were framed in such a way that one could only move to next level after s/he completes its predecessor.

F) After halfway stage, a very basic and brief description about “html” was delivered.

G) It gave us an understanding of html, its requirement and a very a basic understanding of the html syntax.

H) The test was resumed with the coding test; subsequent levels were to be solved till the level 20, on completion of which, an online certificate was issued by

I) Thus, the session was concluded on completion of the coding test and gave an understanding about the usage of coding in everyday life.

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