10 Benefits of using CodeIgniter for Web Development

9 min read Feb 12, 2019

Do you need a framework with a small footprint and high performance with zero configurations?

Do you need a framework that doesn't use the command line or requires adhering to restrictive coding rules?

Get a simplified code structure and fulfill all such code aspects with CodeIgniter development.

The advanced web development services have provided enough room for expanding businesses that are always on the hunt for proficient ways to increase revenues. The better the online services, the more client engagement would be, which further augments businesses in numerous ways.

You have to make your online presence recognized through an appealing website that depicts your excellence as the market leader. When we talk about reliable website development, one can rely on CodeIgniter for enhanced performance and stability.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is open-source software used to develop the web framework that is to be put to use to create dynamic web pages and websites in the PHP language. It is considered one of the best open sources by many industrialists and experts. The rapid development framework software is used to create dynamic web apps and websites in the PHP language. This framework depends on the loosely coupled systems and uses the popular MVCs (Model View Controller framework) and the development pattern. The controller classes are a vital part of the development phase, pattern along with the models and views on the optional entity. The CodeIgniter is majorly used to alter the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) and permits the developers to organize a modular level of grouping of controllers, views, and models. These are also arranged in a subdirectory format. This framework is popular for vibrant speed and rapid responsiveness in comparison to other PHP frameworks.

How does CodeIgniter Work?

CodeIgniter helps you to draw more focus on the project creatively by reducing the amount of code needed for a particular task. You will be glad to know that it is free to use, so you don't need to worry about your pocket. You are free to use it in the way you want as it is a lot quicker than you might think. MVC (Model, View, and Controller) has always been making things easier and a lot more interesting. Don't forget that controller is an essential component that forms the framework's computing unit and, on the other hand, the model and view form the optional side.

One more feature that makes working with CodeIgniter fun is its ability to generate cleaner URLs, one of the most unique and essential factors. These URLs are also undoubtedly user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. It doesn't use a standard query string parameter step but a synonymous strategy that is much more efficient for browsers.

What is CodeIgniter architecture?

Know every single step in simple ways with the CodeIgniter architecture and its working process.

So, whenever a request comes via the CodeIgniter application, it will go to the index.php file.

The request gets through an index.php page to the Routing for deciding whether the request passes to a cache file for security purposes.

Now, when the user requested page is already caching the file, then the router doesn't need to go to another step for further update, and the response will then directly revert to the user.

If in case the user-requested page doesn't exist in the caching file, then the Routing will pass the request to a security check.


After testing the security check, your requested page will go to the Application controller. After all, the Application Controller will load all the required files, such as Models, Libraries, Helpers, Plugins, and Scripts, and then it passes to the view.

A View is meant to fetch the data from the Application Controller, which will represent to the user, and then they pass the data to the caching file for rapid access.

CodeIgniter MVC Framework

The CodeIgniter app depends on the MVC (Model – View – Controller) approach. MVC is software that distinguishes the app logic from the presentation view. The difference in the presentation view from the PHP scripting permits your web pages to minimize the script.

Talking about Model

A model comes into play to interact with the database. Whenever a user requests specific data from the application, the model is responsible for fetching the records from the database table. It also shows up the data structure where you can perform different operations such as insert, update, delete and retrieve.

Talking about Controller

The controller controls the working of the CodeIgniter application. It shows up as a mediator between the model and view. It carries the responsibility to take the request from the user and manages it well by providing the result from the model. It displays the records to the user with the help of the view component.

Talking about View

A View is similar to the webpage. It carries the information which is shown to the user. A view can also be a part of the webpage, such as the header and footer. Along with that, you can also represent the view page in RSS and a user interface.

Whether you are expecting a high-end website that offers adequate information about your company or are currently on a hunt for e-commerce platform setup platform, you can rely on CodeIgniter!

Here we would be sharing numerous benefits of trusting CodeIgniter for an enhanced web development experience.

1. Handling Bugs/Error Handling

If you are one of those who wish to develop websites that are flawless and deliver exceptional functionality and design, you need to check out CodeIgniter. A simple user interface is provided that lends a hand in finding any errors or bugs that are preventing the smooth functioning of the website and eventually affecting the user experience.

The errors in the code are precisely displayed without any hassle. This is aswhy most of the developers prefer CodeIgniter whenever they are asked to develop a bug-free website that doesn’t compromise on the overall quality. All you need to do is to seek help from a professional that has great expertise in delivering the finest web development services.

2. Customizability

As a developer, you can always customize the website as per the requirements, which also doesn’t squander their precious time. As per the experts, CodeIgniter is the only framework that provides ease of customizability compared to the numerous options available in the market.

Instant error fixing and configuring the files in a simplified form are primary reasons for the need to rely on CodeIgniter, especially whenever someone is seeking promising custom website development services. It would be great if you consult a renowned professional who can help you get things done to harmonize the business needs.

3. Security

For all those seeking the most secure platform for web development, undoubtedly, CodeIgniter is a perfect choice! The platform offers enhanced security features that are enough to depict the overall reliability of this platform. The different encryption and decryption features have made this platform a lot more reliable than any other platform in the market.

A lot of web developers prefer building e-commerce websites containing payment gateway in CodeIgniter, which require adequate security standards in a website. Deploying a payment gateway on your website isn’t a piece of cake and eventually requires great efforts, which isn’t in the case of CodeIgniter. You can get the finest experience of deploying plugins and customizing your website in numerous ways.

4. User-friendly Interface

One can get the ease of developing a great website with the finest interface offered by CodeIgniter. Whether you are expecting a website with dynamic functionality or on a hunt for the platform that can provide you with the best responsive website experience, you can always rely on CodeIgniter. You just need to emphasize finding the right CodeIgniter web development company that can cater to your diverse business needs.

It won’t be wrong to say that you can get the flexibility and enhanced UI from CodeIgniter that makes it the ideal choice for all web developers around the globe.

5. Hassle-Free Migration

When we talk about database updates and migration, CodeIgniter lets a user migrate from one server to another. There are several companies that rely on CodeIgniter just because of the fact that it provides adequate migration support services.

No matter where your old data was kept, you can always shift the same to this platform without any hassle. Just in case there are some issues, one can get proper support from the vast community that can be the best thing that you can get from a web development platform. The professionals are always available to serve you with the right solution for your technical glitches.

6. The MVC-Based System

The biggest reason to rely on CodeIgniter is the fact that this platform is based on MVC (Model View Controller) which enhances the overall dependency of this platform. MVC enables Test-Driven Development, which simply means that the developer can precisely develop and test the modules as per the requirements.

Apart from this, MVC enhances the development procedure and also offers easy integration with the JavaScript frameworks. The design is also improved in CodeIgniter with the use of MVC.

7. Quick Development

Most of the businesses choose CodeIgniter for web development purposes just because it offers quick development services that one can’t expect from any other framework. Thus, it is crucial to rely on this powerful framework if someone is expecting quick development services without any hassle.

Development in CodeIgniter requires less code as compared to the other platforms, which is a great benefit for the ones that are expecting better functionality on their website with minimal code. One can consider consulting any renowned CodeIgniter development company for detailed information about the same.

8. Better Search Engine Optimization

Another great reason to pick CodeIgniter for your business website development purpose is the ability to uplift the ranking of the website. The digital marketing experts prefer the CodeIgniter platform for development when the main focus is on enhancing traffic.

Apart from this, the platform offers numerous features that together help in overall optimization of the website without affecting the layout or other crucial elements of the website.

9. Community Support

When we talk about the community support of CodeIgniter, one can be sure enough to get hassle-free solutions for their issues. A lot of skilled professionals are available to serve you with the best-in-class support, especially when you are facing some glitches related to advanced development services.

One can also get source codes that can be reused with just little modifications, and it turns out to be quite helpful for enhanced development without much effort. Most people prefer reusing codes with just minor alterations whenever they are expecting better design and functionality.

10. Test Driven Development

CodeIgniter is the only platform that enables test-driven development, which ensures that the developer can use the step-by-step testing approach while developing a website. The performance or the functionality of the website can be analyzed with ease.

Every phase of the development can be checked by using the step-by-step approach and one can expect complete testing of each phase efficiently.

Is CodeIgniter a good framework?

Do you want to know why to validate CodeIgniter or web app development in 2022?

The most-secured framework

There are plenty of web development companies, and each of them seeks enhanced security. If you choose CodeIgniter development, it offers several security-rich functions and several other features that have inbuilt functionalities for input and output filtering. Most of it does the encryption and decryption processes, and it is highly beneficial for the CodeIgniter developer to take charge and manage the data in the installation process.

Simpler Configuration

CodeIgniter PHP framework is a freely usable set-up that exists in the form of a folder. This helps in streamlining the syntax of PHP with the use of this framework. This will help build web applications without any hurdle of being in line with complicated schemes of syntax errors in much less time.

Superior Testing Facilities

You know the latest version of CodeIgniter is doing its best compared to other PHP frameworks. Because of its step-by-step testing characteristic, it is exceptionally helpful in any web application development framework process. It is also helpful for the CodeIgniter developers to audit the functions with their performance level and distribute the best strategies that would help build future development projects.

Easy to Use

PHP CodeIgniter model view controller framework has the best interface, making it simple to learn and use. This framework can be easily configured to match the requirements of your enterprise. Even in the future, if there are some customizations in the requirements, they can be ingrained in your project via speedy solutions utilizing several controllers and tools.

Better Results with Fewer Codes

CodeIgniter is a well-known app development framework where its developers need to write a few codes. There is no need to use third-party libraries, which paves the mode for faster web app development. Therefore, this framework is most preferred if you need rapid web app development functions.

Overall Best Documentation

CodeIgniter web framework helps preserve the important Documentation of the codes developed more simply. Documentation helps the CodeIgniter developers in organizing and referring to the codes. This also aids when considering future references. That rich Documentation of codes of your web app then acts and works as the most crucial CodeIgniter user guide.

It will eliminate the amount of time required in procuring the references for the alterations.

What is the use of CodeIgniter?

You have an imagination. Right?

You can do whatever you want, like, a website, web app, API, games, and much more, with the help of CodeIgniter.

So, go for it without any delay.

These are some strong reasons you should rely on CodeIgniter for your business website for enhanced functionality and performance. CodeIgniter is the only platform that provides an enhanced development environment to the web developer as well.


What is the CodeIgniter framework in PHP?

With the help of CodeIgniter, you will save a lot of time if you are about to develop your website from scratch. If you are well-versed in PHP, CodeIgniter will make the task easier. It consists of a rich set of libraries and helpers. The website built in CodeIgniter is also safe, and it consists of the capabilities to abide the attacks which happen through websites.

CodeIgniter is the application development framework that develops websites with the help of PHP. It consists of an open-source framework that will increase the website speed with a rich set of functionalities.

Why choose the CodeIgniter web framework?

Here are some of the reasons why you feel that CodeIgniter is worth a try:

  • Free
  • Easy to install (It runs on every type of hosting)
  • Very fast
  • Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.4
  • Complete Documentation
  • Low memory usage
  • Model-View-Controller structure
  • Ongoing development and Bugs/Features support on GitHub

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