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What is Data Analytics? A Complete Guide

Data is the new oil.   Almost every business out there is focused on collecting as much data as possible; however, it is important to note that, just like oil, data in its raw form is of little use. It is vital to analyze and process the data in a manner that helps get the most […]

How is Geolocation Data Helping Modern Businesses Target the Potential Customers?

Staying proactive socially and regularly sharing valuable content in today’s competitive landscape is a powerful technique that helps maximize the brand recognition of a business.  Every millennial globally realizes the true potential of advanced marketing tactics in today’s times. But the major concern is that all these practices demand good data about your target audience.  […]

Why is it Important to Focus on Data Protection Policy in IoT?

Today, IoT supports billions of devices and trillions of messages over the cloud, and the routing and processing of data and information essentially need to be completely secured and protected. With the evolution of digitalization and widespread use of social media platforms, it is obligatory to ensure that robust security protocols and efficient data protection […]

Business Intelligence: Overcoming the Evolving Data Complexity Concerns

While making a paradigm shift, businesses usually look for solutions that best suit their business model in the long run. And when it comes to identifying and bringing in innovations, Business Intelligence has gained momentum in the global market. It’s solely based on how enterprises analyze the data, utilize modern technologies and strategies which decide […]

Big Data Analytics Tools – Tools We Prefer To Use

Big Data Analytics is a vital part of the digital transformation journey and crucial in today’s economy. Entrepreneurs are using large data volumes, different data types and velocity, to empower their business through innovative business models, the latest technologies, and improved business processes. Big Data Analytics is widely used to harness the “potential” of your […]

Improved data review analysis using NLP 

NLP is the latest technology that is essentially used to translate human sentiments or their natural language. To improve business performance and cater to your target customers in a better way, it is crucial to analyze reviews and ratings of your products or services. In fact, companies are using various platforms to showcase their company […]

Data Merge of Google & DoubleClick: How it Might Hamper User Privacy

Google is finally held accountable for the data merge with DoubleClick, which was acquired by Google back in 2007 for US$3.1 billion. In simple words, Google is accused of destroying everyone’s anonymity on the Internet with this data merge. However, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, states that “Google deeply cares about the privacy and security of […]

Navigating the Worst Breaches in 2024 and Ensuring Security

As we are heading to the ‘New Normal’ amid the COVID-19 outbreak, our lifestyles have transformed, businesses are becoming digitally active, our lives depending on technology, and we are eventually realizing the true potential of the digitalization as never before. From managing business operations remotely, making cashless payments, online meetings and conferencing, taking education system […]

Predictive Modeling – What It Is & Why You Need It for Your Business

Predictive modeling refers to a process that leverages data and stats to predict all sorts of outcomes with the help of data models. These data models are capable of predicting outcomes from TV ratings to business expenditures.