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Is it stupid to realize if some app is controlling and tracking on how much am I supposed to run to keep myself in shape? Well! That’s debatable. However we cannot ignore the fact that it is improving our lives. The adoption of technology is faster in today’s world.

Everyday things around us are only getting smarter by time. By “smart”, I mean intelligent and beautiful.  The continuous evolution of technology is a true evidence of the human nature. As we seek to lead more comfortable lives, innovators continuously endeavor in achieving those goals through new developments in technology.

The era has changed and it’s changing really fast. The world has shrunken and technology is the backbone of that.  The emerging technology promises a world where everything will be tech-connected. The world of the “Jetsons” isn’t so far off any longer as more and more devices become tech-connected and artificial intelligence continues to advance to the point where it can be used in almost everything.

Likewise every area, the area of entertainment is also evolving towards consumer-oriented products. The two trends really driving the uptake in mobile technology at the moment is the move from 2D to 3D design and the shift of the PC games that can be used via mobile devices.

Gaming and 3D apps are omnipresent now-a-days and there’s a wide variety of mobile game applications for enthusiasts. Most of these mobile applications are very easy to pick up but difficult to put down once you get your hands on them.

The 3D apps out in the market today are meeting a huge variety of functional and business needs. Both Gaming and 3D apps are converging for quite a while. The 3D effect in the mobile gaming makes the mobile gaming experience more tangible, interactive and engaging. Emphasize on improved 3D design tools and mobile apps are tipped to be the most significant trends driving mobile development. For instance Critical Mass- a 3D puzzle game, where the players add the cubes to a mass rotating in space.

Companies like Toyze are moving with technology and it seems the best example of making business out of another business. The company makes mobile application that combines gaming with 3D printing. Now if you choose, your favorite mobile gaming characters are able to be personalized and then by paying a small amount you can also get those characters 3D printed and delivered at your door-step. The games like Talking Tom Cat, Cut The Rope and Pou are live examples of the same.

Now that we have motion sensing already breeding around us, what could be the next step! While playing games, we often thought of controlling it with our minds or eyes. Well, it seems to be becoming possible. The technology is already emerging where our eye movements will be tracked to control games.

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