Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality

Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality

There are numerous ways to implement code as there are proficient developers to implement it, which is one of the aspects that make software development a fun profession. This also means that there are many opinions about what makes a high-quality, virtuous software. What one developer values in regards of code quality can be poles apart than what other developers’ value?

A simple instance of this is a method written very efficiently, using a crisp syntax and a code in the minimum possible lines. While a code can be processed as high quality by one developer, it may be seen as concise and obscure by another, who prefers having a code laid in a more long winded yet easy structure.

This is why it is sensible to think about code in terms of the qualities, than trying a single definition of code quality. We can have a conversation about which qualities of code optimizations for a given situation only after recognizing, measuring and analyzing the various qualities of the code.

Meeting the Requirements

The foremost measure of quality to consider is if the code meets the requirements that initiated it to be written. The code needs to be articulated in the eyes of a developer; the one failing to accomplish the anticipated outcomes can be said to have low quality. The resulting software should not just realize the basic measure of fitness, but should also meet the needs of the customers.

The need to provide customer satisfaction is one reason that it is so hard to detach the quality of the end product from how it is created. A team that is closely associated with its customer and shows its work throughout the construction process is more likely to provide the customer with what it wants, than a team who holds on to show their work until all the structuring tasks are completed.

No doubts, softwares can meet customer requirements and still have poor quality. Billions of dollars are made by selling poorly crafted softwares that meet the needs of the end users’. This demonstrates that satisfying the requirements of the customers may require higher code quality, but there is a lot more to the quality than this single aspect.

Focusing on this minimum level of quality can cause problems as softwares need to change to meet the new requirements. Today, softwares grow when new customer requirements and desires are added and articulated into the code. Thus, the code must also reveal the quality of being easy to change.

If the software is difficult to change, it is considered to be high in technical debt. A code with higher technical debt has a greater cost of ownership because the changes take longer to implement and the risk of introducing new bugs while adding new features is also quite high.

Free from Deficiencies

A deficiency in a software context is a huge concept, because there are numerous aspects of a code that needs to be observed, measured, and assessed qualitatively.

Freedom from deficiencies in the code refers to healthy performing, non-functional necessities like readability, extensibility, maintainability, and innumerable other aspects. Since there are so many qualities of a code to consider, it quickly becomes a matter of determining the aspects to be optimized, and the ones to be monitored in a hostile way.

Reducing Time-to-Context

A code once written gets read repeatedly than it gets changed. In reality, reading a code in a given class is often done to gain relative insights into what another class is doing. The time a developer must spend to get sufficient context to make a change is an essential waste that can be referred to as time-to-context.

Creating a maintainable code is done to reduce the time-to-context for the code reader. Aspects that assure reductions in time-to-context consists of a clean split-up of all the concerns, ensuring each class having simple designs and responsibilities.

The Role of Analysis Tools

The code analysis tools can check for concerns like interoperability, performance, security, globalization, and must be a part of the software building process.

Regular running of a code analysis tool and evaluating its output is an inordinate way to improve as a developer, for the things wedged by the software rules can obviously add to your knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Measuring the code quality and maintaining it are two different aspects of software development. By focusing on these two aspects, any organization can develop reliable and robust software programs that streamline the work, thus improving productivity. If a business is by some means unsure about how to measure, develop, and manage the code quality, then it is prudent to trust the industry experts and leading web application development service providers who can develop clean codes that are capable of boosting performance.

Why Should You Hire a PHP Web Developer For Advanced Web Applications

Why Should You Hire a PHP Web Developer

With the advancement in technology, there is a dire need to create such applications which are reliable and cost-effective. Loads of businesses choose PHP for advanced web applications. The reason for choosing PHP lies in the fact that PHP has numerous benefits. In order to get best benefit out of this venture you need to hire experienced PHP developers for your business. One who can customize your application according to your business needs.

Here are some points which makes PHP flexible for advanced web applications.


The flexible nature of PHP made it suitable for most of the applications. It’s easy to use this platform. A professional can use various platforms like code igniter, cake PHP & YII PHP framework to make advanced web applications. Their simple and user-friendly interface makes them stand in the market.

You Get Less Heat on This:

I know you may think that hiring a PHP web developer for your advanced web application involves your money so you are always on the heat. However, it is not a fact. When you outsource the development of advanced web application to an expert, you can take care of things that you are good on. You can concentrate on lead generation, or write the content or strategize business outcomes. This is a peace of mind when you know that an expert is handling your web app.

These Services Are Affordable:

You may be thinking that these sorts of services will put a hole in your pocket. No, they’ll not. They are pretty decent and justified. The best part is that they are affordable too. As the development includes the advanced web apps, handing these developments to an affordable web app development services will keep you at peace.

Open source technology:

The open source nature of PHP makes it prominent and is highly preferred by web programmers and developers. There is a community for PHP developers, programmers. If there were a complex situation or an unresolved problem, a PHP developer would have an access to other sources from this community.

User-friendly applications:

A highly skilled professional can create user-friendly and easy navigation applications. Apart from this, they can give you recommendations regarding which should be implemented in your project depending on your business model. At the moment, there are loads of PHP web developers on the Internet, which gives you a selection at the time of hiring your own PHP web developers. Considering the amount of competition in the market, you can actually get a developer at a competitive price.

Server-side scripting language:

PHP is a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages.

Platform independent:

PHP can run on several diverse platforms like UNIX, Linux Windows, and many other platforms and is even compatible with IIS and Apache.

Easily integrated:

Several important and vastly used applications like Ajax and Flash can easily be integrated with PHP.

Support for databases:

PHP supports several databases like Oracle, My SQL, and many others.

Memory optimization:

PHP has an inbuilt memory optimization. It also enhances the processing speed of servers.

No need for plugins:

An external plug-in is not required while developing a website using PHP. Hence working with PHP is much easier.

Hassle free troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting with PHP is a hassle-free task.

SEO Friendly:

Websites that are developed using PHP language, are much more SEO friendly than the other programming languages.

  • Thus with the advancement in technology, web developers find PHP best option for developing websites.
    If you are an employer, then you must take chance to hire a PHP developer for your business. The reasons are as follows:
    PHP developers can make your business run as per your requirements.
  • You can easily find an experienced developer, as most of the developers prefer to work on PHP nowadays.

A website reflects the true image of your business. Your website will actually speak about you. So only a good PHP developer can know the INS and out of PHP, which helps you to create better applications. The right choice of web developers can give you significant traffic and revenue at the same time.
Hiring experienced PHP developers incurs you one-time cost & your ROI (return on investment) increases in the long run. Instead of having a half-baked website, you must just invest a bit since this would guarantee results at a later stage.
So, lets loose all your worries; hire an experienced PHP developer, and wait to see how wonderfully your website can turn out to be!!