The Economic Times Digital Roundtable: Spotlight on Mr. Ganesh Verma

3 min read Mar 16, 2022

It's an honor and privilege for Seasia Infotech to chair as panel member at the economic times-digital round table podcast-themed “Transforming Organizational Security”. Microsoft powered this session.

Mr. Ganesh Verma, CTO, Seasia Infotech, was recently conferred with dignitaries at E-meet held by The Economic Times. He left us spellbound with great insights at the podcast and put his influencing thoughts on the future-ready series of transforming organizational security.

The panelists uncovered the harsh realities of CYBER WORLD. They highlighted how difficult it is to meet security needs while adopting a unique cloud model, knowing when there is an upsurge in cyber threats. The sophisticated and evolving attacks have shaken the organization's hands in investing in something new.

We all have seen businesses continuously investing in protecting their on-premises solution in terms of security. But the vulnerable risks haven't been recognized till now.

Implementing a successful security transformation that is a need of the hour!

The interview circled around risk management and security governance. If businesses want to grow securely, the right balance is a must in assessing business development and revenue objectives. The session drives its interest with the discussions over integrating security as part of the digital transformation journey, unavoidable business strategies to be implemented, and revisiting policies for data protection.

The prestigious panel members of CIO, Group CIO, CISO, and Country Head joined to not come to a single point but listen to the variations in the thoughts of the influencers.

Lalit Kalra, the Moderator in the session and Partner in Cyber Security & Privacy of EY India, took over the session to discuss the key role of security in the organization's digital transformation.

He discussed how every business took a different route to imply security in the past few years, but the Covid era has pushed it to an entirely different level.

He came with a bundle of questions on what organizations can do to get ahead of the current cloud security threat and protect themselves against the breaches.

Understanding the perspectives of our great Tech influencer

Our CTO of Seasia Infotech, Ganesh Verma, focused more on the on-premise solution and how traditional and modern approaches worked in different ways in the current scenarios.

He shared some of his experience and lessons learned across People, Process, and Technology paradigms and leveraged first-hand knowledge of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and best practices in security.

Though, there is a need to shift to the cloud irrespective of the industrial scale.

Infact the arrival of Covid at the same time has impacted the work models of organizations. This led to the point that everyone in the industry must plan to migrate to the cloud.

Ganesh Verma added by saying that we can't avoid the associated risks using the cloud. But organizations are trying every possible way by following some protocols. Mid-level organizations are trying to figure out their innovative ways of data protection.

He further mentioned that cyber security was not essential in the past as they were taken as premium services. But it should be a part of the organization, seeing the upsurge in cyber security threats. A little faulty setting in the AWS cloud can lead to a big dilemma for the system.

Our CTO of Seasia Infotech shared how our organization has taken up data science and AI to that level. It has been a savior for us for a long time. Our data science models helped us predict the breaches and the incidents upon which we can act rapidly.

The crux is that corporate data will be effectively secured once we start doing this individually rather than implementing certain protocols for the organization.

He added, "Another mess is when we don't keep patience for the expected results/outcomes." The biggest disconnect is when we don't pay attention to DATA.

Security enabler Keynotes

Let us have the keynote that came out as the security enabler for the organization as per the interview went.

  • Understand security a key to business success
  • Consistent investment in new products or markets
  • Hire the security practitioners
  • Lead with confidence whatever you're doing for your business
  • Join value conversations on security, data, and cloud migration

Such bright-minded people in the panel box have turned out to be viewers' inspiration, witnessed over a number of platforms where the video has been shared.

Watch the full video and see how a unique pathway towards a smooth transformation can help us build a strong system against cyber-attack patterns.

Let's awake our risk-taker personality and groom in the digital layer for a better future in the TECH world.

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