Big Data Analytics

Power to bring best out of data

With over 400 Data Engineers, Data Experts and developers, our company applies data science techniques and latest tools and technologies to improve decisions for the enterprises across the world.

Whether you are just getting started, or already have a sophisticated architecture in place, the Big Data Managed Services team at Seasia can bring in a significant impact on your business growth. We integrate disparate data, design on-demand machine learning models and build custom reports and dashboards to unlock the full potential of any big data platform.

To use Data Analytics to benefit you is a two-step process, we help you understand what the meaningful patterns in your business record and help you intensify growth capabilities via the acquisition of market intelligence. Based on the IT product we provide top-notch advanced analytics solutions for client queries with a predictive model of the product. The analytics tools utilized assess unique business challenges and best execution of organizations plan, matching those challenges with relevant data, resources, and establishing processes that grow capabilities to making successful Projects and predictions.

Tools and Techniques

  • 01.

    Using Tools like R/ SAS/ Python/ SPSS

    Our ability to collect and fuse data from different sources increases; advanced data types and use these data for successful Project plans. We are using these statistical measures like R, SAS, Python, and SPSS into the analytic mainstream. Our Consultants are experienced with techniques for handling data from text, sequences, time-series, space, and graphs. Incorporating these techniques increases the power and accuracy of our analysis solutions for the client’s problem. We use Analytics tools to Measure and Identifies business gaps making the new plan from useful insights

  • 02.

    Graphical Visualization by Using Tableau/ PowerBI/ QlikView

    For best connectivity with the data and more understating of the Statistical result, we are using insights for best decision making with the help of data visualization and using software like Tableau, PowerBI, and QlikView. So we can easily connect, import, shape, and transform data for business value delivery and find the best use of these for new product’s and its value creation for future. Visualize data from the market research and Create and share dashboards based on reports in the real-time data environment.

  • 03.

    Forecasting and Recognize Trend

    We leverage our best analytics experience of the data model and visualization tools for finding the trend. These analytics model we are using in our business environment for global prospects. Our works have Specializing in customer reorganization, marketing trend and new business development. We are helping them better utilize their data for business decisions and marketing interventions.

  • 04.

    Best use of Data Driven Structure

    Data Driven culture now serves for every business domain like the banking, insurance, healthcare, capital markets, utilities, retail and e-commerce, travel, transportation and logistics industry verticals. These businesses have a strong presence of client’s data in various aspects of functional domains. As per client business understanding, we recognize the competitive edge, minimize risk for future prosecutes.