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Automation Testing That Combines Precision With Speed!

Comprehending your needs for flawless speed and quality, Seasia brings you tailored test automation strategies and smart automation frameworks. We are driven to mitigate risks and prioritize precise testing interfaces complementing rapid development cycles with quality.

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Test Automation Services Made To Help You Thrive

Seasia leads the way as an automation testing service provider, catering to global clients in pursuit of their business goals. From top-notch automation testing tools to AI-driven test automation, we help you craft customized frameworks tailored to specific business landscapes, resulting in heightened test coverage, accelerated speed, and superior iteration quality.

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Mobile Test Automation

Optimize efficiency in mobile testing with advanced automation solutions containing the best of Appium Automation and other tools. From iOS and Android, our automation strategies are backed by dedicated test environments delivering seamless performance.

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Web Test Automation

Elevate your web testing objectives with our tailored test automation solutions made to complement diverse browsers and platforms. Our framework recommendations and detailed regression test reports help you attain precision and reliability throughout.

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Selenium Testing

Experience up to 70% faster Test Cycle times with our Selenium test automation. From streamlined web app testing to functional regressions and automated test suites, we leverage quick script development, robust regression automation, and seamless integration.

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SOAP Testing

Our security testers help you maximize the benefits of SOAP technology for quality assurance. We foster comprehensive API testing, encompassing security, database vulnerability, and load testing through effective test automation practices and implementation.

Harness The Power Of Hybrid Test Automation Frameworks

Empower your projects with our versatile hybrid framework, encompassing Data-driven, Keyword-driven, Hybrid, and BDD approaches, ensuring efficient goal attainment. Our innovative Universal frameworks are adaptable to all projects, streamlining coding, saving resources, and enabling code reusability.

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Unmatched Customization

Our hybrid test automation solutions are made to bring you maximum customization while delivering robustness. It means we can easily align with divergent applications by ensuring rapid execution through TestNG framework or other necessary tools and tech.

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User-friendly Testing

Complementing agile goals and advanced testing practices, we bring you highly user-friendly and Interactive reports. Our hybrid test automation solutions bring you excellent Browser Support and necessary high level of code reuse.

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Dynamic Scenario Handling

Dynamic Scenario Handling involves managing various test scenarios with their independent test data. This approach maintains a balanced and centralized repository, such as Github, ensuring seamless coordination and accessibility for efficient testing processes.

Need Help Integrating Automation Testing To Your Development Project?

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Flexible Delivery model

Achieve reduced time, efforts, and costs for maximum productivity and rapid releases


Enhanced Test Practices

Our test automation practices are designed to harness the potential of Agile and DevOps


Test Case Optimization

To ensure effective design and development, we practice relevant test case optimization


Scriptless Testing

Delivering test automation expertise to make you win through scriptless automation


Test Script Maintenance

Comprehensive Documentation for easy maintenance and enhancement of Test Scripts


Saving Resources

We ensure time-bound delivery of services, with active test support throughout

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Delivering Productivity With Best And Relevant Test Automation Tools

Opting for cutting-edge automation testing tools is imperative to deliver solutions in an Agile and DevOps setting. Our test automation experts employ industry-leading tools to optimize testing, generate intelligent tests, perform execution, and generate comprehensive reports.








Apache JMeter









Why Seasia For Automation Testing?

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Expertise In Advanced Tools

Seasia boasts proficiency in a wide range of cutting-edge automation testing tools, ensuring your applications are rigorously tested using the most effective technology.

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Agile And DevOps Integration

Our team seamlessly integrates automation testing into Agile and DevOps workflows, enabling rapid, reliable, and continuous testing cycles.

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Tailored Automation Frameworks

We create customized automation frameworks that align with your specific project requirements, optimizing test efficiency and coverage.

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Dedicated ISTQB-certified Experts  

Our skilled automation testing experts bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring thorough and reliable testing of your applications.

Need assistance planning your next test automation project?

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Projects with stable functionality, a large number of repetitive test cases, and frequent releases or updates are prime candidates for Automation Testing. Our team can conduct an assessment to determine the suitability of your project for automation.

Seasia employs a wide range of industry-leading automation testing tools, including Selenium, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber, and more. Our choice of tools is based on the specific requirements and technologies used in your project.

Yes, we provide end-to-end Automation Testing services, including the setup of testing environments, framework development, test script creation, execution, and comprehensive reporting. Our team ensures that your project is fully equipped for efficient automation testing.

Getting started is simple! Contact our team through the provided channels on our website, and we'll schedule an initial consultation to understand your specific automation testing needs and tailor a solution to meet them.

We can handle almost any digital software or application, irrespective of industry. Some of our key clients belong to healthcare, banking, finance, Edtech, manufacturing, retail, travel, and more than 10 other domains.

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