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Designed to deliver maximum liberty to our clients, our business models have been crafted with a focus on operational flexibility.

application development services

This model is ideal for individuals and businesses aiming to meet their objectives within the defined project scope. We provide expert support throughout the collaboration process, from project analysis to planning. With the fixed price model, you can expect transparent and reasonable costs, as we assist you in achieving measured milestones with corresponding invoicing. 

  • When you're tackling pre-planned and short-term projects.
  • Well-suited for projects with clearly defined specifications.
  • Projects where there is no room for changes in requirements.
application development services
application development services

If you require a dedicated team of resources for ongoing IT support during the development phase, this model is for you. Our Test Lead ensures seamless communication, efficient process management, and effective team collaboration, regardless of time zones. The time & material model encompasses everything from knowledge transfer within teams to a client-controlled environment. 

  • Best suited for projects with fluctuating requirements.
  • When you need flexibility for project off-loading.
  • Time & Material Contracts allow for negotiations based on evolving needs. 

If you're seeking a blend of technical expertise and operational flexibility, we offer assistance in scoping while affording you the opportunity to interview and select your team members. Monitor task progression and development lifecycle with access to timesheets. With detailed records of work hours and performance metrics (provided on a monthly/weekly basis), you only pay for the resources you utilize. 

  • Applicable to a wide range of project requirements.
  • When you require rapid team scaling without the hassle of recruitment.
  • When your business demands a fully dedicated staff.
application development services
application development services

If you find yourself facing skill gaps within your in-house team, we provide access to seasoned on-site and offshore experts. Whether it's meeting productivity targets or improving operational efficiency, we alleviate the burdens of the hiring and recruitment process. Additionally, when scalability is required, we supply skilled and culturally adaptable staff.

  • Well-suited for long-term projects with substantial requirements.
  • When you require supplementary workforce with specific skills and expertise.
  • When cost-effectiveness and full project control are paramount.

What Makes Seasia So Special?

Showcasing dynamic expertise across a wide array of business domains and industries, we assist you in delivering IT development solutions that are both highly scalable and efficient.

  • Unmatched Expertise   

    Committed to delivering excellence, Seasia carries forward the legacy of being a brand that carries CMMi Level 5 Certification.

  • Unparalleled Accuracy  

    From selecting the appropriate tools to employing dedicated frameworks, we empower you to fortify your development lifecycle.

  • Revolutionizing IT  

    Access all the advanced IT solutions and tech expertise that you need to transform business outcomes, regardless of your global location.

  • Nurturing Digital Success  

    Embrace genuine digital transformation with top-tier IT experts enabling you to develop highly functional and performance-driven solutions 

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