Diversity in Seasia: We've Got a Long Way to Go

4 min read Nov 16, 2021

There's always a dominant class of people who don't let anyone speak or raise their voice. Today, we are going to address the issues with diversity in the corporate sector

Certainly, businesses are increasingly observed to be accountable for how their practices make an impact on society and the environment. Social responsibility is not just a respected business practice but a driven demand exceeded by customers all over the globe. 

Some of the tech industry does not hold the culture for being a supportive community for People of Color (BIPOC). Few of the companies have made staunch and unwavering efforts to take a wicket of the statistics of not concerning the diversity gap. As we analyze how ongoing conversations around diversity are bringing the issue to light, hopefully, every organization in the near future can understand the deep essence of the idea. 

One of the reasons that people are struggling to maintain the same status as their settled friends and families is just due to the differences.

Don't underestimate the lack of diversity in the IT industry. By breaking the terms down by gender, race, and age, we can probably widely look into what diversity actually is. 

We witness every day a rallying cry from all the tech firms for raising their voice for diversity in the tech sector. Since it turns out to be the hot button issue, it got a little push. When it comes to rapidly increase STEM businesses, diversity is critical; it is good for the country's ever-growing disadvantaged groups, who got to remain behind and account for around half of the population. Moreover, this is not just advantageous to society but also financially beneficial to IT enterprises. 


So, when we are addressing the elephant in the room, we should start by measuring how big it is! 

On a big note, companies in the IT industry are disregarding a large pool of talent, and this culture is hindering the potent of many people. In such a way, the minority groups have been oppressed due to their past and backgrounds tends to suffocate their capacity to exhibit their capabilities well, pursue objectives, and invade their very existence as lower-ranking beings. 

Right after such things, the bullied one tries to keep themselves in a shell that means unable to speak their voice and losing their original voice. Seasia doesn't believe in such practices. It is looking beyond this. We, in actuality, don't care from which part of the world you are coming from. We are a skill-oriented company, or say, the zeal-oriented company, as all we need is the willingness to learn from candidates. What matters to a company is your enthusiasm and zeal for your work performance that will help turn you into a leader in the path of growth and success.   

Now that the world is drawing advanced patterns of networking people all over the globe, it's vital that every company staff mirrors its user base at a global level transparently. 

You know a healthy public shaming is more than enough to make a company change its ways. 

A homogenous firm will alienate specific groups of people, but a firm that has a diversified nature is capable of reaching out to underrepresented groups, build innovative features and certainly encourage inclusion. 

You know if the teams consist of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences boost the progress of the company at a really great level. People who come from diverse backgrounds have the zeal to intensify their performance ability to protect their company with the most innovative and problem-solving solutions. It's not a surprise now that enterprises with a good proportion of diverse teams get higher financial returns due to their increased and diverse minds. Not just in financial terms, it also helps in grabbing high returns on the success rates, culture, marketing, and innovation. 


We stay tuned in with our efforts that go beyond to serve better in terms of social responsibility. Beyond just financial benefits, we work much harder to promote positive social change. 

But you know tech companies are highly evolving their hiring processes to be most inclusive. To eliminate human bias from the process, skills-based evaluations are increasingly being adopted. 

Likewise, Seasia takes it as a social responsibility. Of course, this issue is common to found in the entire industry and is affecting our society as well, which is why we are taking it as our social responsibility for our company. We want to create unity in diversity and never promote or bear such activities in our company. Our main aim in this context is to promote inclusion in diversity. Remember that we don't just involve them in certain things; in fact, we involve them in everything. We are fully transparent in our processes. We include in our employees with as much intensity as we can. 

Until now, we have experienced that everyone in our organization is always willing to include themselves in whatever activity we are doing. It can be a plan of expansion, energy-saving tactics, complete digitization of certain industries, or a plan to help society make the world a better place. Our employees are totally included in it. In fact, we multiple open-suggestion boxes distributed all among the premises in our worldwide offices. Our CEO, CTO, COO are always available on phone calls, mails to each of our employees directly. If they have something in their mind, suggestion and all, we welcome all. 

All in all, diversity talks sense from the business perspective, even when measured in cold or hard figures. 

No matter from any corner you see it, the company's adoption of diversity will certainly be equally beneficial to all the parties. It's high time to put questions on homogeneity practices in the workforce! 

Celebrate, highlight and amplify the underrepresented groups in the tech fields! 

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