Power Of CX & BX: Making Businesses Experience Engine In 2022

4 min read Feb 15, 2021

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s the customer experience that matters the most for strengthening long-term customer relationships and ensuring better revenue generation for an enterprise. Once the market players realize the dire need of emphasizing customer experience (CX), it becomes an important aspect to understand that not one department is accountable for ensuring superior customer experiences. Rather, it is the job of everyone who is directly or indirectly connected with an organization.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

As of now, businesses operated considering that CX improvement is the sole responsibility of the marketing team. But during this pandemic era, businesses have acknowledged the ‘big picture’ and realized that wise CX investment which involves everyone has the potential to bring more business sales, customers, and brand loyalty than ever before. 

During this critical time, we have encountered numerous enterprises that responded well to the evolving market and customer needs where customers expect a rich CX as a fundamental thing throughout their business journey. 

For others, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been the worst and has hit the businesses adversely since they lacked in multiple ways including CX. For the ones who have to innovate new offerings to survive and thrive, the tough part will be to rapidly gain clarity for the vision and confidence in the roadmap to market.

Realizing the true potential of CX impaired with BX

Besides understanding the power of customer experience, businesses even realize that it is currently tough to tackle the customer requirements and expectations if the business continues aiming only on function-specific priorities but not on making experience the heart of the business. 

At this point, CX must be impaired with another trend- Business of Intelligence (BX) that can help to solve user needs around a purpose in real-time. BX holds the potential of taking CX to the whole next level and reimagining businesses thoroughly backed by the lens of experience. 

Any enterprise can’t thrive in today’s competitive landscape by implementing only one, rather the implementation of BX and CX hold an equal share in taking the business to new heights while gaining a competitive edge in the market. BX, which is attained by communication and advertising acts as the stepping stone for brand building and winning customer’s faith. On the other hand, it is CX that has an in-depth emphasis on customer touchpoint which future-proofs today’s businesses for the upcoming time. 

Opportunities for making your enterprise an experience engine

The pathway to business success is determined by crafting a collaborative process that engages customers and the workforce to imagine, design, evaluate, prototype, and deploy modern technologies. Besides that, at Seasia Infotech, we believe that the secret for a business to thrive in the competitive era is to implement and invest more time and efforts in BX and CX at the same time. 

This will ensure a more experimental and faster pace to demonstrate business success and the improved customer experience in the long run. Our industry experts and decision-makers invest enough time, efforts, and resources in BX and CX which ensures utmost efficiency and productivity in the business cycle along with going beyond the customer’s expectation level. We believe that attaining success in the CX era is going to give a new definition to agility where more emphasis will be put on one's ability for understanding and controlling multiple touchpoints for delivering the total experience.

Win The CX Battleground With Seasia

Broadening experience remit with downtimes

The pandemic era has changed the business models for all sorts of enterprises all in the world. Unlike the earlier times where businesses used to simply brag their services and getting customers isn’t working anymore and traditional businesses had to implement countless things into their business cycle such as- contactless services, safe deliveries, online payments, which even demanded to train the workforce. 

This forced businesses to figure out the physical, digital, and customer advancements that were necessary to cater to the modern customer needs. And at this point, the businesses who acted smartly and rapidly were on the safer side by implementing CX and BX wisely, while on the other hand, the other businesses lagged behind and failed to tackle the local and global audience.

Transformation with continuing to meet the consistent performance metrics

With the growing customer demands and market standards, it becomes necessary for businesses to transform their business with better innovations while they continue to appeal to their customers with the regular and ongoing services as before. 

To implement BX efficiently, all functions need to be tightly linked, with multiple skill sets in the organization while thoroughly overhauling their business model and ensuring a rich customer experience. Downtimes i.e. the crisis times have been a great opportunity for businesses who feared sudden transformations and the consequences accompanied. Businesses are and have implemented BX and CX more than before lately and are undergoing countless approaches which have turned out to be a success in many ways. Businesses have lately realized the macro challenges in their business and understanding the dire need for advancement.

Deliver outstanding experience your customers crave for & reignite your business growth!

The introduction of CX and BX is a more holistic approach that will enable businesses in becoming customer-obsessed and reignite growth. There’s no point for modern businesses to count on one alone and expect business growth in the digital landscape. Implementing CX and BX together will give businesses the power to reimagine an innovative and more resilient version of businesses.

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Yashu Kapila

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