Realizing The Potential Of A Dynamic Organizational Learning Culture

3 min read Feb 18, 2021

Constant improvement programs are sprouting up lately for businesses to thrive and gain an edge in the competitive digital landscape. Since the creation, retention and transfer of knowledge throughout a business holds the potential to strengthen the organization, on the whole, organizational learning is gaining momentum. However, the sad part is that not every business owner is aware of what importance organizational learning holds for a business journey in today’s time.

So, in this post, let’s discover the nitty-gritty of organizational learning and understand how it impacts the overall business journey of every organization. 

What is Organizational Learning?

Organizational learning is a practice where an enterprise improves itself with time while gaining experience and implementing it for creating knowledgeable insights that are further shared throughout the organization. It becomes an inevitable thing for modern businesses to implement organizational learning since organizational learning accompanies three prominent parameters that include- conceive, act, and reflect. Besides this, the major processes that take place during organizational learning include-

  • Knowledge creation
  • Knowledge retention
  • Knowledge transfer

The Impact of Organizational Learning on a Business Journey

With the advent of ever-evolving technology trends, no job or business is certain in today’s time- the introduction of AI, IoT, ML, automation, robotics, and other digital trends have simply transformed how the workforce and businesses operate. At this point, employees and business owners no more avoid this uncertainty and must focus on constantly learning new skills and capabilities for making themselves future-ready in the digital landscape. The cutting-edge technologies that are leading business transformation globally hold the potential in expanding the impact of learning initiatives. So, there is a dire need of today’s time is to bring learning into the business as an ongoing process that is relevant, flexible, convenient, and pushes the workforce towards the business goals of the organization.

A smart learning system that is flexible yet convenient to use, supports intuitive learning experiences that can uplift the talent of any business and become more productive than before. The ability of an enterprise to learn and transform the learning into action quickly is the utmost competitive benefit of considering organizational learning into a business journey. 

Organizational Learning Culture at Seasia

Organizations in today’s time plan innovative courses for meeting the demand of the business unit which revolves around content rather than competency and is powered by organizational mandates which lack motivation. Seasia clearly gets a hold over these minor things which are usually ignored by the majority of the businesses. We believe that any type of learning will have zero impact if it fails to transform into a successful employee engagement and contribute to catering to the business objectives of the organization.

We understand how to impeccably incorporate learning into an enterprise’s ethos so that it turns out to be a continuous structured process that perfectly integrates with the workforce. At Seasia, we foster an environment backed by inspiring the employees, ensuring continuous learning, where the workforce holds the potential and is confident to self-initiate their learning pathways. Prominent factors that we consider to ensure a healthy and productive organizational learning culture at Seasia includes-

  • We believe the success of any business is solely decided by its capability to learn, relearn, and unlearn as the technology and business models change with evolving tech trends. When the people are able to learn at their own pace and convenience, it helps them grow freely and optimizes their productivity in the long run.
  • Every employee has a different perspective and a mindset towards every new idea- some might need only information while others need understanding and guidance. Utilizing ML and AI capabilities can help identify the perfect blend of these varying needs and offer suitable recommendations and personalized learning paths to the workforce. These recommendations are solely based on factors such as- the employee’s job role, skills, industrial experience, and expertise to ensure maximized learning impact on the individuals. Seasia is renowned for its learning and training programs since we believe in learning that takes place beyond the training rooms and conference halls. 
  • We encapsulate object-driven approaches that ensure that the fresh learners understand and stick to their learning goals in a lively environment where they can learn and thrive freely. Ensuring healthy and regular communications is one thing we never ignore since it helps our workforce drive their learning agenda and help them set new milestones which leads to their professional and organizational success.

Final Thoughts!

Things that individuals learn with pleasure and interest are going to last forever in their minds, unlike the ones that are imposed on them. This is one of the key principles that keep the zeal to grow alive in the workforce and helps in the success of the organizational learning culture at Seasia and can be implemented by any sort of business to ensure a healthy organizational culture.

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Ganesh Verma

Ganesh Verma is an avid IT enthusiast with around 19 years of experience. Currently associated with Seasia Infotech, a CMMI level 5 organization he has demonstrated his techno managerial capabilities in orchestrating strategic goals and objectives of the organization and guidance to the project teams to deliver the same. He has been instrumental in building credibility, establishing rapport, and communication with stakeholders at multiple levels to maintain profitable business relationships with existing customers.

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