Top 5 Android Application Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019


Technology has eventually transformed the conventional mode of living and we are now completely relying on smartphones for our routine tasks!

One just can’t imagine a world without smart applications that are now becoming an essential part of our contemporary lifestyle. A lot of advancement in the mobile application has eventually taken the world with a storm by enhancing new possibilities!

When we talk about the market trends for Android application development, there are still major enhancements that we can expect in the New Year 2019.  From augmenting the virtual reality gaming experience to boosting the artificial intelligence; there’s a lot more in the future’s pipeline!

Here we would be sharing the top trends in the Android application development that everyone ought to know.

# The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Epoch

There are a lot of applications that can offer you the best experience of AR and VR based on the adequate hardware of the device. A lot of emphases would be given on the delivery of enhanced gaming experience in the upcoming applications based on Android.

As per the experts, AR, VR would be the essential component of the applications and games that would be intended for enhanced user experience in the year 2019. This simply means you can expect a lot of enhancement in the gaming industry when it comes to the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality.

# Artificial Intelligence

With the advancement of AI in mobile application development, you can now expect better reliance when it comes to enhanced user experience. When we talk about the e-commerce platforms, more than 70 % of businesses are utilizing the never-ending possibilities of artificial intelligence to augment their client needs and to generate adequate revenues.

When we talk about the efficiency of the AI-based applications, you can eventually expect greater reliance with these smart applications that can always deliver the best in class user experience. The machine learning technique would be the base for advanced application development that would surely rule the market.

# Multi-Platform Development

Gone are the days when you had to develop separate applications for diverse platforms; one can now expect multi-platform application development in the near future! The same code written in the same language can be used for different platforms.

There are still a lot of enhancements in this technique where numerous developers are working precisely to reuse the code in many ways.

# Enhanced Security Features

Security has been a major issue in the mobile applications that offer adequate payment-related services. You can now expect out of the box security features in the Android applications in the market, which is perhaps the reason there is an increase in the number of Android users as compared to the iOS.

The market experts have already predicted that there isn’t a chance that the upcoming mobile applications with deployed payment gateway wouldn’t be able to deliver the adequate security services. This simply means one can eventually rely on the overall security of the mobile application in the year 2019.

# Cloud-based Deployment

More and more emphasis is given to the cloud-based systems, which is the main reason you can expect a greater reliance on the applications that are deployed over the internet. Whether it is the overall user experience or the performance, you can always rely on an application that is deployed over the internet.

There is no doubt that the future belongs to the cloud-based systems that can eventually lend a hand in augmenting diverse business needs without any hassle.

These are some of the trends that you can expect in Android application development in the year 2019.

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Android Application Development Process: The Perfect Guide

Android Application Development Process The Perfect Guide

Ever wondered how your favorite mobile application, which eats a lot of your routine time, is developed? What’s the background process? How the user-friendly interface is designed? Well, if you are on a hunt for answers to these questions, you have landed at the right place!

The modern tech-savvy world has significantly altered our lifestyle for the good. We now rely on mobile applications that have simplified the complex tasks that otherwise squander a lot of time. The precise analysis of our actual needs and the implementation of adequate strategies lend a hand in the development of a highly reliable Android application.

Here we would be emphasizing the development of Android applications, which would surely clear all your doubts regarding the mobile app creation lifecycle. Dive in here to know more about the aspects associated with the mobile app development from scratch.

The Core Idea

Initially, a great application demands a superb idea. You have to be sure enough that your core idea about the application, the resources, and the problem-solving ability should be clear before you can proceed further.

One needs to note down the things that would be on higher priority while developing the application that is intended for a purpose. Moreover, the problems that can arise at any instance related to the app development should be noted down in advance. This would help you in planning a strategy that would work smoothly through the entire procedure.

For instance, you have to analyze the potential of the application that whether it would be able to solve the purpose or not. Furthermore, adequate consideration should be given to the market trends and the demand of users. This would help you in developing an app that could be a great hit!

Apart from this, one needs to precisely analyze the similar applications that are already available in the market and serving the same purpose. There could be nothing as rewarding as a fresh idea, which can augment your business aspect but just in case you don’t have any; make sure you research the market. The functionalities offered by your competitors and how you can engage users towards your product are some crucial things to consider.

Application Development Strategy

Once you are done with the idea of the Android application, you would have to focus on the development strategy. There is no point you can rely on a weak strategy that could eventually disappoint you in the near future.

One needs to check the market trends and work on the actual needs of the users, which would help you in creating the appropriate strategy. This simply means you have to check the actual downloads of the competitor’s application and also focus on the type of users that are targeted by your business opponents. Once you are done with these aspects, it is the time to check the background of the competitor so as to get the idea about their strategy and business revenue model.

Most of the people prefer hiring a professional agency that can augment their job with the best in class service and planning as per their core idea. This is the perfect way to generate adequate revenues when we talk about a great business model.

Wireframing the App

For all those who are unaware of the term “wireframe”; it is the blueprint of the mobile application that can give the exact idea about the functionality and design. This is one of the crucial parts of the application development that structures the application and releases a full-fledged depiction of the functionality and design.

The wireframe mainly includes the features, layout, and the specifications of the application that further helps the developer to analyze the exact requirement. When you consider hiring an Android developer for your project, this wireframe helps in synchronizing your ideas and business strategy with the development company.

The Application Design

Your Android application’s design is perhaps the first thing that would leave an impression on your users, and thus; it should be appealing enough! You just can’t expect great hits on your application on the Google Play Store if the layout isn’t catchy enough to snatch the eyes of the users.

Your audience would always judge the application reliability on the overall design, which is the reason you have to stress more on the overall design. From hiring the best in the class designing team to making precise alterations for enhancing the user experience, make sure you leave no stone unturned!

Application Development Phase

The Android development team focuses on the overall layout of the application and the back-end structuring. The developer deploys the strategies through the efficient code and adds the functionality as per the user requirements and business model.

More emphasis is given to the user experience through the refined code in this phase of application development. It is the responsibility of the application developer to ensure that their application is reliable enough to provide the finest user experience without any glitches.

It is the responsibility of the application developer to make sure that the code that they are writing for the user interface or the backend should be efficient and optimized. It is necessarily important to have an efficient code that can augment the loading speed, stability, and endurance of the software, which further harmonizes the business model.

The perfect use of intent, navigation, list view, and database would be structured at this important stage. All the functionality that is the base of the application is developed in this phase by skilled professionals by deploying the logic that can enhance the user experience.

Testing the Application

Once the coding and designing part of the application is done, it is the time to test the application to analyze any flaws. The testing professional analyzes the application for any loopholes that can be the reason for a glitch in the overall functionality.

The development and testing team can prefer manual test scenario for checking some functionalities while a major proportion of testing is performed through automated scripts. Automation-Based testing enables the testing team to put the desired load on the application by creating virtual users that eventually helps in deep analysis of the application at diverse loads.

The testing team ensures that all the bugs and is eliminated and the speed of the application isn’t affected by the increase in the number of users. There is no point a development team could compromise on the overall quality of their application and they strictly emphasize different quality checks before they can deliver the end product.

Whether it is the performance testing of the application or the functional testing, the skilled team of experts leaves no chance of any loophole in delivering the best product.


The final stage is the deployment of the application on the Google Play Store. This procedure involves the submission of the screenshots of different layouts of the application that can give the users an exact idea about the functionality and user interface.

Moreover, the details about the application, its use, problem-solving ability, and features are provided as the description in on the Play Store. Once these formalities are finished, the application’s APK file is submitted for the approval.

These were some crucial aspects associated with the life cycle of the Android application development that everyone ought to know.


Everything you need to know about apple new operating system IOS 9

Everything you need to know about apple new operating system IOS 9

IOS 9 is the latest IOS version of apple for iphone & ipad devices. This IOS update comes with improved functionality ,subtle design changes, refined features and performance enhancements. This update is expected to be loaded with new features like intelligent search & split screen multitasking for iPads. Here I am sharing some well-known features of IOS9 that you would love to know.

Apple maps improvement: With this update apple is improving its maps for IOS devices but these maps are still not comparable to Google maps.

Apple has rumoured one major improvement for its IOS 8 but it didn’t came actually which is transport directions which would add bus, train & subway routes for its users to easily navigate around. The reason for not coming this feature in android IOS 8 is not clear yet but may be apple is planning to bring this feature to IOS 9.

Moreover rumours have been around that apple is working on Augmented reality concept which uses camera to highlight point of interest on your screen.

Apart from that it traces your area of interests and starts making suggestions regarding what to do next.

Intelligent search & Siri: Siri is the main focused area of the changes and users are now able to create contextual reminders and there is a new way to search photos and videos .On swiping left from the home screen houses Siri suggestions and photos that allows your favorite contacts and apps right at your fingerprints.

Enhanced search capabilities: This feature allows users to fetch results like sports score from news sites and from third party apps .

Apart from this many more built in features have been introduced like apps now include transit directions, another feature is we can add attach file while emailing.

Split screen multitasking: This functionality allows two apps to be used at once , means users can view video while doing something else on the tablet. The keyboard of ipad has new functionality, ie. a new toolbar has been added to it, there’s new two finger swipe gesture which makes it easier to cut, paste & move the cursor on screen.

Battery optimization: It provides additional hour of battery use .New power saver mode allows battery to extend further 3 more hours.

Ability to default to third party apps: Apple has adundance collection of apps for its IOS devices . Although there are not third party SMS apps but there exists alternatives to mail app where there is no built in functionality in the IOS to let you make one of the default email app.

So we’d love it if iOS 9 let us switch to third party default apps and we’d love it even more if Apple opened up more APIs to developers, enabling them to make alternatives for other Apple apps.

The ability to hide apps that can’t be uninstalled: Android devices have app drawer that lets users to hide apps that can’t be deleted simply by clicking on hide button then after you can always go back in and unhide them when you want them to use again. Because apple doesn’t want people to delete its default apps.

Apple pay powered wallet: In IOS9, Apple passbook built in app has been replaced with apple pay powered wallet ,another is stagnant newsstand is replaced by news which is a personalized reading app.

Iphone 9 security updates: IOS9 brings security updates that should keep your date safe & secure. Six digits passcode has been replaced with four digits with an additional two factor authorization when user tries to sign in from another device.

Move to android app: with IOS9, there is flexibility for android app users that they can shift to IOS9 with this app. Users can easily transfer their contacts, history, mail accounts, calendars, photos, videos & free apps to their new phone.

Robust search engine: With IOS 9 users will be provided with more robust search engine which will surface deep links to your downloaded apps right in the search results as a result of this apps like you tube ,vimeo & vevo will allow users to directly play video in the search results.

Android M 6.0 Features And Its Release Date

Android M 6.0 features and its release date

Android M is an upcoming mobile operating system and is sure to be a game changer. This Android update of Android M(Android 6.0) is expected to come with improved notifications and is integrated with android TV.

The Android update is expected to be loaded with many of the features that are not present in previous versions like lollipop. With this update when you pull quick setting panel down while screen is locked, you shall see your notifications gets condensed to more emphasize the quick setting panel. Here’s the some well known features of Android M operating system.

Shortcuts in Homescreen: Users can expect better shortcuts in lock screen. From Google reports it has been found that Google has replaced phone call shortcut with “Google Now”. Reason behind replacing this is that android users don’t access phone from lock screen and thus replacing it with a function that people use more would be an good idea.

Easy to Uninstall Apps: With Android 6.0 users can uninstall apps from home screen which is not possible before. When user tap icon to the top, he will be providing with two options either to delete the app from home screen or to uninstall the app from your device.

Android M Improved Notifications: Notifications plays an vital role in smartphones & Android M comes with improved notification that seems promising.

Introduction of System UI Tuner: This is one of the biggest feature introduced in android 6.0 that allow users to rearrange the quick setting toggles. You just need to simply drag & drop the icons to move them around. Also users can add some toggles using this new feature. In previous version of mobile operating systems users used custom ROM.

Android M Redesigned Permission Model: In previous android operating systems there are by default eight permission categories & applications are no longer granted all of their specified permissions at installation time. In order to overcome this problem Android M introduces an opt in system in which depending upon the application installed users are allowed to grant or deny individual permissions. Installed applications remember permissions granted to them and can be changed by user at any time. This permission model is only applicable to applications compiled for SDK(software development kit) & other applications are continuous to use previous permission model.

Support For Finger Prints Recognition: Android M provides support for finger prints recognition hence allowing fingerprints to authenticate users. There is new management scheme called doze which reduces background activity when device is not physically handled.

Another feature introduced in Android M is that it supports USB type C , This USB type instruct devices to charge another device over USB.

Configuration of Verified links: This is one of the important feature introduced in “android M” called verified links these can be configured to open directly in their specified application.

Security Feature in Android M: We used to store most important data like confidential information is present apart from contacts .So in order to ensure security of this private data Google inc. have recently launched an find my phone & kill switch feature in android 5.1. Using this app make your phone useless for person who have stolen this.

Android M Design & User interface:  Adoption of material design in android M will make it look more promising .Although design and user interface for android devices is always awesome, but this time users are expecting something different. Hope android M will serve users hope.

Android 6.0 M Release Date: We can expect this mobile OS to release by October and November 2015. Also there are rumors that Google might release Android M with version 5.2 instead of 6.0 because users might expect more and something significant when Android M version jumps from 5.1 to 6.0

Android development is an emerging field & is continuously to evolve in future .Hope you find it useful. Be the first to comment so that we can update you with latest mobile trends and technologies.