Why Should You Adopt Agile Software Delivery Approach?

Why Should You Adopt Agile Software Delivery Approach

‘Delivering Quality at Speed’ is the success chant in today’s highly-competitive business world. The customary approaches for software development have divided development and testing into two diverse steps- developers build a feature and the QA team tests it for defects.

With the eventual growth of the product, the testing time and efforts also grow exponentially. This welcomes a cold choice for the project managers- either to delay the release or refuse to test. ‘Agile’ was born in need for a better software development approach that allows developers and testers to decrease the number of bugs in the code and to identify bugs early in the code in that order.

The agile approach helps organizations manage predictability while driving alliance and transparency across teams, and adopt a different outlook to be successful. The development cycles, in agile environment, break tasks into small increments. It supports teams to deliver working software more cooperatively and with improved quality.

The agile software development approach offers momentous benefits to the business- better competitive differentiation, accelerated time to market, high-quality software that enhances customer gratification.

The 10th Annual State Agile Survey makes it clear that agile software development has grown progressively over the last decade. The number of organizations, comprising both the startups and large enterprises, accepting agile continues to increase each year.

We here have a quick snapshot of the top 10 reasons (as stated in the 10th Annual State of Agile Survey) to embrace agile software delivery:

1. Speeding Product Delivery – the agile development approach allows the enterprise to deliver high-quality software within fast release cycles that is more in line with the needs of the user.

Shorter sprints in agile development approach are gaining thrust to keep up the speed of the development process constantly with the business goals.

2. Enhance abilities to manage the varying priorities Agile software development not only requires teams to develop and test rapidly but also to deliver developments to the products and services faster to the customers.

Guaranteeing that enhancements and changes required by customers in a reliable and usable manner required to take an agile approach through every step of the project.

3. Increase efficiency Organizations ought to be on a continuous lookout to achieve better business consequences. They require a better way to improve the methodologies and skills that IT staff practices to deliver  software.

The agile methodology allows increased productivity through more effective communication while being highly reactive to the ever-changing demands of the customers.

4. Improve software quality In an agile environment, the development and QA teams work together aiming to develop software rapidly in close collaboration with the customer.  Agile techniques assess and improve the software quality while offering increased customer value.

The development and Testing teams cooperate quite well in an agile environment, and also aim to develop software rapidly in close collaboration with the customer.

5. Enhance delivery expectedness – Something clients usually care the most about is predictability. They want teams to be good at making and keeping promises, reliably deliver work that is efficiently tested, amended codes at the end of each sprint. Stable predictable programs are not possible without predictable and reliable teams, particularly when there are numerous dependencies among the teams.

Using an agile approach for software delivery teams can plan, coordinate and deliver enough predictability along with a release level commitment.

6. Improve business/IT placement Organizations need to mend the business and IT placements to achieve higher value for their business. An organization needs to be effective and efficient to be competitive. The fast changing business environment calls for invention and agility. Organizations need to focus on IT to implement the right systems in the right way to meet the needs of the business. It should step towards business/ IT alignment by aiming on a process to be improved while considering the technology and infrastructure.

An agile approach empowers the association of all the IT operational processes: Change – Problem – Incidents – IT Operations perfectly. Furthermore, it focuses on reduction in time and effort, cost and investments in designing, recording, dis-positioning and testing.

7. Improve Visibility of the Project Visibility is the key to quickly adapt to the needed change. In the lack of project visibility, it is difficult to track and measure improvements in productivity. As much as the top management of an organization needs to know, the teams associated with the development and delivery of software should also know which direction they are heading towards.

Numerous development, testing and operation teams must be aware of the present-day state, the performance and the objective of the project and the organization. Refining the leadership and team visibility through agile approach provides customer value early and often.

8. Decrease project risk – Agile is considered an effective approach for software development that characteristically reduces the risks in software development. Software development in sprints consists of agile techniques such as sprint retrospective, sprint review etc. All these techniques provide continuous feedback which helps prevent deviations between expectations and the completed software.

Using agile, the scrum teams prioritize the highest value and highest risk requirements first. They use current agile artifacts and meanings to manage risk.

9. Improve team optimism – Agile approach emphasizes on better communication and cooperation among different teams. The nature of the agile approach is to keep the team motivated about the challenges in the future. The scrum meetings, retrospectives, prioritization, feedback mechanisms keep the team environment dynamic and up-to-the-minute. The inherent characteristics of the agile approach include Seamless communication, self-organization, high association, project visibility to all the stakeholders etc. which brings a positive change and keeps the team motivated.

Also, the communication through various forums and discussion boards are the basic fundamentals of the agile approach. The approach demands an organization to listen to its employees, communicate its strategies with employees and identify employees for their determinations and accomplishments.

10. Improve engineering discipline Proper adoption and implementation of the principles and practices of the agile approach empower the team members to achieve and enhance the quality of software rather than just completing the work. An important component of the high-quality product is always a good and accessible design and architecture. When an organization plans to adopt the agile principles with a goal of delivering high-quality product, they should also embrace sound engineering discipline.

An impressive design, perfect configuration management and effective testing strategies are crucial to make the best use of the agility approach.

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Build enterprise applications with HTML5

Build enterprise applications with HTML5

Enterprise applications help organizations to tackle a wide exhibit of big business issues. These applications should be incorporated with different applications utilized by the business. In the meantime, the enterprise applications must be deployable crosswise over web, intranet and corporate systems without trading off security and regulatory capacities. That is the reason; organizations frequently find it an overwhelming test to fabricate a custom application the supplement the most recent patterns in big business application. While building up a venture application, developers likewise need to concentrate on its features and functionality, and pick the right advances.

During recent surveys it has been found that several developers are migrating towards HTML5. Reason for migrating enterprise professionals towards HTML5 is that applications built in HTML5 are compatible with both web and mobile browsers. We don’t need any third party tools while building advance applications. Apart from that there are several reasons for building enterprise applications in HTML5. Software outsourcing company is best suited for building web applications using this new technology platform.

Key features of building applications with HTML5.

Rich and Interactive User Experience

While making rich web applications, developers prior need to utilize Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash to associate with client’s framework. Be that as it may, users needs to install plugins to enjoy interactive user experience .HTML5 empowers developers to make venture applications that convey rich and intelligent client experience without utilizing any extra plugins or modules. As it is planned with the ability to store and recover documents from the client’s framework, the undertaking application can get to and control records from any HTML5-good web programs. The element helps designers to make a venture application perfect with a mixture of gadgets.

Local Support for Audio and Video

These days sound and feature have turned into a basic piece of business correspondence. So organizations need their venture applications to convey rich media content in a constant and smooth way. HTML5 empowers designers to make the rich media content available without utilizing any outsider devices and media players. They can essentially utilize the HTML5 < video > and < audio > tags to make the content accessible on all devices. We can also customize the video clips by defining tag attributes like source , height & width . Users can see videos and listen to music without depletion of their smartphones battery.

Perfect and Organized Code

HTML5 further permits software engineers to compose semantic code by keeping content and style separate. They can further form enterprise applications by composing perfect, sorted out, intelligible and graphic code utilizing various labels like < header >, < footer >, < section >, < nav >, < aside > and < article >. These labels further help software engineers to sort out CSS all the more proficiently. In the meantime, they can likewise utilize a W3C spec called ARIA to allocate particular part to these HTML5 labels. So the versatile and web programs can look at the HTML5 document altogether, to provide quality results to clients.

Secure and Local Storage System

The applications build in enterprises must permit clients to get to business information and assets. So the software engineers need to guarantee that the security and openness of the business information is not traded off. HTML5 empowers designers to utilize a local storage system which is more secure than cookies. So it gets to be simpler for the software engineers to add a few elements to the venture application like capacity to reserve information, store client data, and burden the client’s past application state.

Upgrade the Enterprise App for Mobile Devices

In this digitized world , people use smartphones more than anything in order to access enterprise applications. So every association needs to guarantee that its applications meets expectations flawlessly with different gadgets and programs. HTML5 is planned with elements to effectuate improvement of versatile well disposed sites and web applications. The developers can essentially utilize meta-labels like full screen browsing, viewport, and home screen symbol to streamline the venture for portable programs. The responsive site will help clients to get to the enterprise applications from their current gadgets.

Geo-area API

Numerous organizations even need enterprise applications that can be utilized crosswise over distinctive locales. The application needs to give important and modified data to experts as indicated by their current geographic area. Organizations offering HTML5 improvement administrations have their designers to make worldwide endeavor applications utilizing a geo-area API. HTML5 makes it simpler for designers to make worldwide undertaking applications utilizing a geo-area API. The API can recognize the present area of the client as taking into account his IP address, remote system association, phone tower or GPS data. When it recognizes the definite area of the client, the API will send the data straightforwardly to the undertaking application. In this way, the client will see the important data on his program without changing the setup or settings.

A few Responsive HTML5 Frameworks

The engineers additionally have alternative to utilize various HTML5 structures to diminish the time and exertion needed for creating enterprise applications. For example, they can utilize Twitter Bootstrap to create client interface or responsive sites quickly. In like manner, they can utilize Foundation to quickly model the venture application, and make responsive applications by focusing on numerous gadgets. Taking into account the venture’s necessities, they likewise have choice to utilize Skeleton, HTML5 , HTML Kickstart . Alongside accelerating endeavor application improvement, these structures further help software engineers that can be kept up and overhauled without putting any additional time and exertion.

While making an undertaking application, developers have the choice to look over a few advancements and programming dialects. There are likewise risks that HTML5 may not be utilized only to create applications that can take care of the obliged venture issues. So they must consolidate HTML5 with other web advances to make a venture application that will help the business to take care of issues in the more extended run.

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How to Improve Cake PHP Development

How to Improve Cake PHP Development

There are many programming languages and frameworks to build websites and applications. Cake php is an advanced version and open source framework of PHP used for building robust applications. It uses MVC model approach & is a good tool for website development as it provides robust results.

Features of cake PHP:

Cake PHP has several features which makes it easy to develop applications. Any user having a little knowledge of PHP can develop applications using cake Php using MVC framework.

Quick development: Cake PHP provides user friendly features which allows developers to code quickly as the need of writing long codes is reduced .

Licence: Standard MIT Licence is quite favorable for commercial use.

Security: Sql injection security, form tampering, XSS prevention and many other tools are in built in this platform which makes this platform more secure .Developers don’t need to put extra hours in order to provide security to particular application.

Configuration not required: Cake php doesn’t need complicated XML files to access database files.

MVC conventions: MVC conventions are added in the framework to guide through the process. This feature is helpful for handling large applications data. Companies providing services for cake Php must have these features and one should be caution while deciding outsourcing work to some organization.

Basic Tips to improve cake PHP development:

Keep the $validate array on: Updating record files may get you struck in some serious errors while working with cake PHP. In this language developers will go for validations and testing code only after whole code is completed. Now correcting errors one by one is a major issue faced by all programmers , so in order to solve this problem, by keeping $validate array on one can save a lot of time . It helps programmers to spot errors while keeping validation function on.

Managing tables using cake PHP: Designers needs to know the basic information about the tables. There are times when developers finds it hard while working with tables. Just add: pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your codes, and collect all the needed information about the table. While modifying data in a table developers may face strange issues so either they should start from the scratch or delete cache files from a list by adding app/temp/cache.

Creating pages while not using models: For adding new static pages quickly, a CakePHP developer need not have to set a dedicated controller and define separate action for each page in codes. CakePHP has an option to reduce this tedious action. The developers can simply develop their views inside the pages folder itself and get the action called for all the pages at the runtime.

Rectify errors with save(): While following all guideline to make app with cake php but at the time of saving files you may record some errors. In order to avoid this we can include pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding. Using this function you may still get no true values you can add before save() command in your app model. This function will definitely return all errors before saving files.

Finding lost URL while paginating: Irregular pagination may cause the losing of additional URLs. It is usual that a programmer looses the ID (50) in a URL like /products/view/50. It is simple to get the details of lost URLs in PHP. A developer has to add a small line of code in the view, such as: $paginator->options(array(‘URL’ =>$this->passedArgs)) to receive the details of lost URLs having no strains.

Hope above mentioned points will help you in building secure and robust web applications, comment your ideas below to make it more helpful for readers .