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TrackNinja Motorsport App

A Passion Project Brought
to Life  


TrackNinja is a gift from two racing enthusiasts to the rest of the racing world. Meticulously crafted for racing aficionados, from eager amateurs to seasoned professionals alike, the app helps motorsports enthusiasts achieve the pinnacle of performance. TrackNinja emerges as this quintessential tool that propels racers towards their fastest laps and beyond by blending cutting-edge technology with an intuitive user interface. It's more than just an application, it's your personal racing mentor who will guide you every step of the way to unlock your full potential on the track. 



Racing is a domain where every millisecond counts, and the difference between victory and second place can be infinitesimally small. Racers at all levels struggle to identify and refine the nuanced aspects of their performance that could lead to significant improvements. The primary challenge was to create a holistic solution that not only tracks and analyses every facet of a racer's performance while also providing actionable insights to enhance their skills.



The objective with the app was to put everything that goes into maintaining a vehicle in one place and simplify things for all the drivers across the globe, to make the best motorsport app currently available! 


Seasia, leveraging its extensive expertise in innovative app development, crafted TrackNinja – a motorsport app for iOS and Android - to meet the nuanced needs of the racing community. This comprehensive tool offers a suite of features designed to optimize racing performance through detailed analytics, real-time tracking , and community engagement. After rounds of iterations and extensive feedback from the client, we were able to develop an app that met all expectations and lived up to the vision.


Tech Stack

Our tech stack for this project comprised of the following: 


Asp.net MVC

Used for creating dynamic and scalable web applications. 


SQL Server

Provided a robust and secure database system for managing and storing data.

Key Features 


Real-time Lap Tracking

Utilizing GPS technology, TrackNinja offers precise tracking of speed and positioning, providing instant feedback on your performance.


Video Integration

This feature synchronizes track data with video footage, offering a comprehensive analysis of each session.


Split Time Analysis

By dissecting laps into individual sectors, racers can pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement


Leaderboards and Challenges

Racers can engage in friendly competition, comparing their times with peers and participating in challenges.


Performance Metrics

A deep dive into crucial metrics such as acceleration, braking efficiency, and G-forces, empowering racers to refine their driving techniques.


Simulation Mode

This innovative feature allows racers to rehearse and analyze their laps in simulated conditions, honing their skills off the track. 


Interactive Track Maps

These maps offer a visual representation of the track, complete with key markers, enabling racers to strategize effectively. 


community Features

TrackNinja fosters a vibrant community of racers, encouraging knowledge sharing and camaraderie. 


Data Logging and Storage

TrackNinja archives every lap, allowing racers to monitor their progress and compare past performances. 


Weather and Track Conditions

Real-time updates on weather and track conditions help racers adapt their strategies to optimize performance. 


Customizable Dashboard

Racers can tailor their dashboards to highlight the metrics most relevant to their goals, ensuring a personalized experience.


Wide Compatibility

The app supports a variety of racing formats, vehicles, and tracks, catering to a diverse racing audience.

Did you know? 

SAM incorporates tools that ensure 100% reduction in incorrect code deployment attributable to human error.


TrackNinja has redefined the racing experience, providing racers with an unparalleled tool for performance enhancement. The app's intuitive design and comprehensive feature set have made it an indispensable tool for racers worldwide. By offering detailed analytics, real-time feedback, and a platform for community engagement, TrackNinja not only improves individual performance but also elevates the entire motorsport community. 



TrackNinja stands as a testament to Seasia's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of app development. By addressing the specific needs of the racing community, TrackNinja has established itself as a pivotal tool in the pursuit of racing excellence. Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a professional racer, TrackNinja is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your racing performance. 

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