Coronavirus: A Dawn Waiting At The Horizon Or Something Bad

5 min read Jun 04, 2020

The phase we all are undergoing today is a once-in-a-generation thing that is no less than a nightmare for us. In the blink of an eye, everything changed- the way we live, work, commute, eat, and everything. Every day, the first thing most of us do is to check the latest coronavirus updates in our city, country, and the world.

Amidst the lockdowns, every individual is curious to know that what’s next? How will our lives be after coronavirus is gone? Some believe the time of upheaval will eventually indicate a radical change where our planet and society gets another chance to reform in a better way. While others are expecting worse conditions in the coming time and nothing will be normal as before.

Visioning the World After this Deadly Virus Depart

The world is changing, Coronavirus measures taken by employers and everyone wants to know what will happen next after this deadly virus departs. Businesses globally are hit adversely, people are losing jobs all around the world, will this world crisis bring the economy to a standstill, and there are a lot of things going on in our mind.

Numerous things can be depicted based on how our governments and society react. When half of the population hopes that we’ll rebuild and come up with something more humane after this crisis is over, others are worried that things might turn out the other way round and lives will become worse.

Predictions for the Post-COVID-19 Landscape

For now, we simply can’t state anything for sure; however, I am sharing a few predictions that are probable to come true once coronavirus pandemic is over. So, let’s explore how the world will look like in the coming time!

Bidding Farewell to Touch Screens and Welcoming Contactless Mediums

During the pre-pandemic globalized world, our lives revolved around touch screens and we made almost every decision on these screens. But this coronavirus pandemic taught us that it is the easiest medium to transmit the deadly virus and we have to actually minimize its use.

In the coming time, we can expect wide adoption of voice interfaces or even machine vision interfaces with limiting the usage of touch screens. To make payments touch-free for the customers, machine vision interfaces are already in use for the checkout process. This process would work upon face recognition and gestures and helps to avoid physicals contact.

Big Data and IoT for Data Monitoring

Big Data and IoT

Internet of Things and Big Data have already been under the spotlight even before the pandemic, but now we realize its true potential closely. We are learning how to monitor and keep track of upcoming pandemics with the help of big data and IoT.

People will get prior warnings and alerts with this system and it helps to track the infected people and even track the people who came in physical contact with the infected person. All this data will help in seamlessly monitoring and tacking the upcoming pandemics and keep the citizens safe.

Vision of Patriotism

Just like we salute the military veterans for their sacrifice for the nation, we will start appreciating the doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists, and the entire healthcare industry who are going through a lot during this pandemic. They are fighting battles that we can’t imagine while sitting safely inside our homes.

They are prone to the highest risk and deaths they never signed up for. Their sacrifice will be recognized as true patriotism not just after the pandemic but will become a ritual for the long haul. So, the true patriotism feeling can be counted as a positive thing coming out of this menace.

Relying on Digital Infrastructure for the Long Haul

Relying on Digital Infrastructure for the Long Haul

Lockdowns have taught many of us that traveling abroad just for a meeting is not always a great idea when remote meetings are a viable option. During this coronavirus pandemic, we have learned to work from home, managing business operations remotely and realized that the majority of the tasks and operations can easily be carried out remotely too.

These practices are expected to continue post-pandemic too, which will eventually help people save a lot of time, efforts, resources, and costs.

Dependability on Robots

Dependability on Robots

Delivering groceries, medicines, and essentials through drone deliveries have lent a helping hand during the tough times when stepping out from homes was risky for us. Since the robots are disposed to the virus attack, we have started relying on robots for security reasons as they don’t come in physical contact and are safe from virus transmission. Major industries have realized the robot’s significance, and this trend is expected to grow in the post-pandemic world.

Shrinking Aviation Market

Since video conferencing and online meetings have become the new norm, people aren’t going to board flights at least for official purposes. And the remaining population will also hesitate about flying just after the pandemic is over.

It indicates a very tough time for airlines and the aviation market would shrink badly. So, there are fair chances of flight ticket prices would rise abruptly. All the airlines will have to leave the middle seat empty, which means tickets will automatically become more expensive than ever before.

Alongside, people will prefer using cycle, e-scooters, and only private vehicles in the time to come. For now, we can say traveling via public conveyance would be a big NO.

The Collapse of the Economy


It’s very clear that the pandemic, which started a long time back, has affected the global economy adversely. Due to the continuous lockdowns in the majority of the countries, experiencing a fragile economy is quite natural. If businesses are unable to produce products, they won’t be able to sell it, which means they will have no profits and this directly indicates that they don’t need to hire people. People are losing jobs while others are worried about job security.

All countries are gradually turning to an unexpected economic depression and it is going to take huge time to recover and get back to normal.

By the time we enter the post-coronavirus world, I am sure all of us would carry along some of the thoughtful lessons and insights that can be taken to the future and make our lives better and smart. Of course, we all weren’t prepared for this menace, but we are fighting back strongly by taking preventive measures and staying isolated. Till then, let’s stay home and hope for a better future together!

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