Importance of Android Mobile App Development with Voice Search Optimization

8 min read Oct 12, 2023

Voice searches were a part of futuristic films for a long time, but now they are part of our everyday operations. People are using their Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart devices to do voice searches, and the volume of activity is only increasing with time. Moreover, several android app development providers can incorporate voice search in web applications.   

While big names like Google and Amazon offer such provisions, several smaller brands are missing out on this technology’s full potential.   

This post includes the importance of voice search option on your apps and websites, the various pitfalls while optimizing for voice searches, and the best practices to optimize your app and website for Google voice search app

Importance of Incorporating Voice Searches Through Android Mobile App Development 

Voice search through android app development

Including voice searches on your application has several benefits that are listed below: 

Makes Your Application Accessible to Disabled People 

Voice search for apps is mandatory if your company wants to offer an inclusive environment. People who cannot see rely heavily on voice commands to get results android mobile app development practices that support voice recognition. Other people who benefit extensively from voice searches are people with disabilities related to hands.  

Many brands also include thorough descriptions on their applications for people who cannot see. Hence, voice searches create a more inclusive environment and allow businesses to tap into a section many do not consider.   

Faster Method of Searching  

It is a faster method of running searches online. Typing takes a lot of time, whereas voice searches are relatively quick. Moreover, it allows users to multitask as they do not have to look at the screen, especially when the answer is spelled out.   

Voice searches are faster. The technology has a speed that typing cannot offer.  

More Convenient  

Voice searches are also more convenient for users. They can find the relevant information more readily and give access to information quickly. It can help improve the productivity of the individuals who use the feature.  

Voice searchers have made it possible for users to multitask with ease. You can also choose to provide voice search for websites for the same reason. 

Easier than Typing  

The primary reason voice searches are experiencing such a huge boost is that this method is much easier than typing. Writing takes time, whereas human speech comes easy.  

Hence, users are utilizing the technology to get relevant information quickly.  

For businesses, providing voice searches makes them more inclusive and productive. On the other hand, for users, voice searches offer a more convenient, accessible, and faster method of making inquiries on the website portals. The same benefits apply if you invest in web development services that enable voice searchees on your website. 

The Challenges of Incorporating Voice Searches on Applications and Websites  

Voice Searches on Applications and Websites

There are several reasons why a web and mobile app development company would find it challenging to incorporate voice searches into their function, which are listed below:  

Voice Recognition Technology  

Voice recognition have been here since the 1950s and is still a developing technology. It is not a fool-proof system as works can get misinterpreted. Hence, your company's voice recognition software must be top-notch, and still, there would be scope for improvement. However, many big corporations are working on it. With appropriate android mobile app development services, you can leverage the latest advancements in the voice recognition technology for better user experience.

Wildly Different from Text Searches  

Human speech and writing practices are widely different and become clear with the boon in voice searches. Voice searches are usually longer and more detailed. So, companies interested in incorporating voice search in apps and websites need to invest in online marketing for voice searches.  

More Competitive  

The competition is much higher if your business wants to rank for voice searches. With answers coming out in speech, Google and other search engines only provide up to three results. If your content does not offer the high standards required by Google, you will fail to rank on them. Moreover, if you offer in-app and website voice searches, the results will also become limited. Marketers will need to invest time and effort in capturing the attention of this increasing group of searchers.   

Voice Search Optimization Best Practices for Web and Mobile App Development:  

When it comes to Voice Search Optimization for mobile apps and websites, you need to look at it from two perspectives. One, your web and custom android app development must support voice searches. Secondly, you should invest in voice search optimization SEO best practices. 

It is the work of the web and mobile app development provider to enable voice searches on your application. Before, adding the x-WebKit-speech attribute was enough, but now it is a little more work that requires JavaScript API.  

Moreover, for voice search optimization for apps and websites, you need to add CSS to provide a microphone image in the input box. The form code enables the input button on the website, but all the heavy work relies on JavaScript.  

Once someone clicks on the microphone button, JavaScript checks if the user’s browser supports voice recognition, and the website might need to ask for access to the microphone.  

Important Information  

Ensure that the HTML form/search box is embedded in the HTTPS website. It ensures that the website does not require microphone permission for every use.  

English is not the only language supported in voice recognition apps. There is an option for Hindi, Français, etc., and you should check them out on supported languages.   

The android mobile app development providers know how to add voice search in website and applications. So, they can help incorporate voice searches using the best practices. 

Voice Search Optimization Best Practices for SEO  

Voice Search Optimization Best Practices for SEO

To create a voice search-friendly website for Google, you must follow a set of practices. As the Google algorithms updates keep happening. You need to modify your practices with these changes.  

Here is the list of best SEO practices for Voice Search Optimization.  

Target question keywords and other long-tail keywords  

Voice searches differ from text searches, so your choice of keywords changes. The first thing to remember is that your targeted keywords will change. Here, you need to look for question keywords and long-tail keywords. As human speech comes with more detailed questions, voice searches tend to be longer.  

The searches starting with ‘how’ are only increasing in voice searches. So, as marketers, the first task is to find keywords that get traffic through voice searches and target them. 

Using conversational Language  

While running voice searches, humans will use a conversational tone, and your results should match the theme. It means that your content also needs to be casual, like two people talking to each other, where one person asks a question, and the other person provides relevant information. Less formal writing gives a more authentic feel and is easier to read. Moreover, it is also considered a more relevant writing style for voice queries.   

To make your queries more conversational, write with informal words like 'I,' 'me,' 'you,' and do not use technical terms and other jargon words. Moreover, you can try adding humor to the content for that human feel.   

As a brand, you must have a brief on how to write as per the brand's portrayal. So, opt for a more casual tone of voice. But a conversational tone is no reason to downgrade your quality of work. Instead, keep casual while providing users with the most engaging content and value. For reference, think of a teacher who makes their classes fun by wording the information casually and engagingly.   

Prioritize Local SEO  

Local SEO aims to improve visibility where the business operates. Housing companies, salons, etc., are some examples that use local SEO religiously to target potential customers living near their business and who are likely to buy from them. Local SEO is also an ideal tool to rank for voice search.  

To begin with, one of the reasons for people to voice search is because they are already in a car and looking for something, like a restaurant. So, it makes sense to target local SEO on your business.  

Creating and maintaining a Google Business Profile is the first and most crucial step to better Local SEO. This listing shows up when people add near me to their search queries. The listing includes location, hours, contacts, directions, rating, close timing, etc.  

As Google generally relies on Google Business profile to answer voice search queries, the efforts are mandatory. Also, providing a complete listing is ideal as that will help your business rank better on voice searches.  

Local listing through Google Business Profile is among the most crucial aspects of your local SEO. The statement is especially true for businesses that opera te in the location and do not offer services outside the area. As the listing can become one and the only source that gives users information about your brand, you should keep it up-to-date. Ensure that everything remains accurate on the listing to avoid disappointing customers  

Try to capture Google featured snippets 

Content Snippet is a short piece of content that answers your query briefly. It is at the top of the result page; other suggestions go below it. Currently, Google offers snippets in paragraphs, bullets, numbering lists, and other formats. Google Snippets are hard to get by, but if you do get one, it can lead to significant traffic.  

The reason to capture Google Snippet is that if a query has a snippet, the virtual assistant will read the answer aloud to the user.   

However, unlike Google Listing, Snippets aren't guaranteed. You can try to create content that answers queries well, but much like organic traffic, Google decides if it turns into a snippet. To give your content a chance to feature as a snippet, you can follow a guide on optimizing Google's snippet box to try to get results. 

Utilize Schema Markup  

Schema markup is essential for both on-page SEO and voice search SEO. Schema markup refers to structured data – a code you can add to your HTML. The markup includes vital information about your company like hours, pricing, contact, reviews, etc., and Google uses the information to provide more detailed results to users.  

Schema markup does not appear to human visitors, as its only purpose is to share information with the indexing bots. The activity results in Google understanding your business better, improving visibility, and more traffic. As the search engine can decide your relevance to queries, your chances of resulting in voice searches increase.  

Optimization for Mobile  

Mobiles are becoming the preferred method of running queries through text or voice. Google also gives importance to mobile user experience, and it is a contributing factor to a website’s ranking. So, to rank better in text and voice searches, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.   

Keep your site fast  

Your website’s speed is among the most significant contributors to your ranking. Your website’s speed does determine your ranking in the Google voice search results and several other areas. The common sentiment is that your website must load within two seconds if you do not want to agitate your customers.   

Check the speed of your website with a speed checker tool and if it isn’t satisfactory, move to the step of making changes for better speed. Google wants to give users a fulfilling experience, and slow speed is the exact opposite. 

Final Thoughts – Give Your Voice the Best Platform  

Voice searches have become the new norm and businesses that want to stay relevant focus on voice search optimization. Combined with local SEO, voice search optimization has the potential to bring footfall to your business while improving the overall SEO of your business.  

Hire Seasia – an Android mobile app development company to help create a voice search-friendly application for your website. We also develop phone apps for iPhones. Ensure inclusivity, ease of use, and much more by availing our services today. 


How Do I Optimize Google Voice?  

To optimize Google voice, here are the strategies to follow:  

  • Consider device and customer behavior  
  • Use conversational Keywords  
  • Create compelling and conversational content  
  • Use schema markup  
  • Invest in Mobile Optimization  
  • Utilize Local SEO  

How Does Voice Search Optimization work?  

With voice search optimization, you aim to create and optimize content so that voice search devices like Alexa, Siri, and OKGoogle read your content aloud when users make specific queries.  

How do I optimize my website for voice search?  

To optimize your website for voice search, make it mobile-friendly, add schema markup, perform local SEO, and ensure fast speed.  

How do I optimize my website for the Google search engine?  

To optimize your website for the Google search engine, you can perform the following tasks:  

  • Ensure that the website is valuable and intuitive  
  • Cultivate user trust  
  • Use links appropriately  
  • Work on creating authoritativeness  

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