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Revolutionize Patient Outcomes with IoT in Healthcare

When you strip away the noise and look at the essence of technology’s impact on our lives, you see that IoT technology stands out—not merely as a new tool but as the harbinger of a transformative era in healthcare. IoT is to healthcare what the PC was to office work or what the internet was […]

Adopting Internet of Trusted Things – Early Wins for Several Industries

The internet of things — the concept that says “Everything is becoming connected”! Anything and everything that can be connected -will be connected. With this technology transformation, a huge number of electronic devices, sensors, and applications are connected and sharing data. Internet of Trusted Things has changed the ways we live, work, move and play […]

Why is it Important to Focus on Data Protection Policy in IoT?

Today, IoT supports billions of devices and trillions of messages over the cloud, and the routing and processing of data and information essentially need to be completely secured and protected. With the evolution of digitalization and widespread use of social media platforms, it is obligatory to ensure that robust security protocols and efficient data protection […]

The Future of the Organizations Lies Somewhere With AIIoT

Whenever individuals come across terms like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, it seems modern advances of the cutting edge landscape which is practiced by the tech unicorns. However, the truth is that these advancements are currently happening while transforming the way enterprises operate in all aspects. Though these technologies might be considered to […]

IoT Trends To Expect In 2022 & How Businesses Can Reap The Benefits

By the year 2025, there will be more than 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in use. Internet of Things has transformed our lives in one way or the other. Connecting real-life objects, home appliances, electronic gadgets, and other devices which weren’t possible to connect otherwise, IoT has gone beyond the human imagination and expectation […]

AIoT: Discovering the Power of Next Big Thing

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have been the buzzword in the digital landscape while proving its true potential to us every moment.  As of now, both the technologies remained independent terms in the diverse tech-driven world, but surprisingly, there exists an inherent bond between AI and IoT. AI is considered as the brain of […]

The Role of Cloud Computing in the Internet of Things

Transformation is an evergreen trend, which is turning into an absolute need of the time in today’s quick paced world. With technology storing all of the data in a new refined format, there is a ton of scope with regards to data storage and control. As social media and smart phones start to rule the […]

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