Cross Platform

Single App for Android, IOS or any other Operating system.

Cross Platform apps are the applications that are created on one platform but can be used for various mobile operating systems. These apps are quite difficult as compared to the native apps build for each platform thus these are handled by proficient React-Native developers of Seasia. This saves a lot of time and money during the development process. Being a JavaScript framework React-Native offers a large quantity of inbuilt components and API’s.

Cross Platform Services

  • Xamarin

    We can easily share the code across various platforms through Xamarin. This is due to the flexibility it provides through its native UI...

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  • ReactNative

    Seasia has vast experience in developing custom and dynamic applications by using React Native. We are the industry leaders in providing...

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    Exciting Way to Build Quality Mobile Apps. We explore the capabilities of building interactive and incredible hybrid apps with...

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  • PhoneGap

    Seasia is providing mobile app development services to clients in Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunication and retail industry all over...

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Our Value Preposition

  • 01.

    Quick loading apps

    React-Native apps are designed in such a way that they provide a faster loading time than any other application build in a hybrid environment. These apps provide a smoother feel that keeps the interest of user. Even if we use a device with older operating system the performance does not gets compromised.

  • 02.

    Renew Your App’s UI

    React-Native can enable you to update the UI of your existing application without going through its reconstruction. Seasia here helps you to get a huge bonus for your business by doing so, since UI of an app is major attraction for its user.

  • 03.

    Plugins and Memory

    We integrate a number of plugins as per the demand of the clients that enables them to add services provided by third party platforms in their app. React native uses much lesser memory while linking the application with mobile functionalities like rotation, compass, zoom level etc.

  • 04.

    Live Updates

    React native has the concept of Hot Reloading. It enables developers to keep the app running and injects the latest version of files that were edited at runtime. It's a faster process and save lots of time.

Seasia Infotech has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

Vikas Vanjani