Enterprise Data Management

Evaluate better, Decide better

“Automated information-based decisions to manage enterprise’s interaction with customers, employees & suppliers.”

Our team digitalizes, improvise and unite decisions across the Enterprise Using Enterprise Data Management (EDM). We assist businesses to have a better authorization over the outcomes from the Large Numbered operational decisions. We incorporate informative decisions based on Analysis of High-Volume data. Our Motto is to intensify the accuracy and consistency of the decisions, ensuring the reduction in cost and time of making decisions.

Tools and Techniques

  • 01.

    Streamlined Reports

    We provide focused reports on business outcomes that are not just data requests, thus saving time and refining results.

  • 02.

    Analytics Center of Excellence

    We develop business understanding and deployment contexts for multi-functional teams and their customers.

  • 03.

    Business Rules

    We create simplified business rules analysis that is maintainable by improving traceability, extending rule coverage and re-using them.

  • 04.

    Decision Automation

    Seasia automates the decision by preprogramming business rules that reduces time and effort.

  • 05.

    Decision-Centric BI

    For Decision Centric BI we go beyond presentation of information to its forecasts and recommendations