Enterprise Tiger: The Gem of Sumeru Solutions


Enterprise Tiger

Omni-channel Digital Platform

Sumeru approached us to optimize their business workflow and website. With poor DB management and no automated onboarding processes, they were facing some severe drawbacks in the cut-throat Fintech market competition. To overcome that, we decided to transform their traditional processing into straight-through processing.

Empowering Sumeru With ENTiger

After discussing the pain points, we suggested some top-notch technologies and the complete methodology, which they found pretty exciting and allowed us to work over it. Then, we started producing the custom packets under one roof that are as follow: ENSource and ENCollect



ENSource is the digital application combined with the citizen ID databases to help customers implement the sales of telecom, banking, and financial products. Features an omnichannel lead capture, automated credit approval system, and AI-based KYC.


ENCollect is the fully-automatic tool equipped for all modes of debt collection. We incorporate APIs for third parties, geo-tracker, three-layered security, voice assistant, and multiple options to fetch the payments in any manner.

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