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E-Scooter App Development

A Ride that Could Save a City

Escooters have introduced smarter and greener commuting options and offer an economical solution to traffic congestion issues. They represent the next wave of a sharing economy applied to personal transport solutions.


E-Scooter Rides Getting Started!

We have deployed several custom-built Electric Scooter App on different scooter platforms from different manufacturers, for different end clients and use cases. Our clients include a university that wanted a custom solution for inter-campus rides, an eScooter startup based in South East Asia that aims to be the Uber of eScooters, and a hyper-local food delivery company exploring the use of eScooters for its last mile deliveries.

Flexible Pricing Options

We have implemented various pricing models in Electric scooter apps, that encompass Flat Rates, Minimum & Maximum Prices, Surge Pricing, Duration-based Pricing including Wait Times, Zone/Location based Pricing etc. In short, we can build any pricing model you require, as long as it is not based on a “Shared Ride” on the eScooter!.

Parking Zones & eScooter Locks

We have implemented provisions for marking special parking zones or pick - and - drop zones for the eScooters, and their corresponding impacts on Ride Pricing, Fines and Rewards for the user groups. Our Apps also implement the basic handshake with the eScooter hardware so that only authorised users are also to un-lock and use the eScooter.

Location & Health Sensors

Many eScooter apps models come with location sensors & charge indicators prebuilt into the hardware; for such eScooter platforms, we have also built location tracking and eScooter discovery interfaces into our Apps for use by clients’ infrastructure teams and by the end users searching for nearby ride options.

Quality of Ride

We have also implemented AI-based algorithms that track the manner in which the eScooter is being driven by a user; these algorithms recognise safe vs dangerous driving patterns (like sharp braking, frequent turning etc.) and are vital in weeding out unsafe drivers in certain use cases (university campuses for example).

Features & Functions We’ve built Into Our Escooter Apps

Other Features

In-app payments

The app comes with an integrated payment system that enables users to make secure and quick online payments over a reliable platform.

GPS Tracking

GPS functionality enables the users to find the exact location of a scooter and keep a track where you have parked the scooter.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

The e-scooter application works seamlessly over all devices, like Android, iOS, and web and offers a feature-rich user experience.

QR Code

The QR code functionality enables the users can quickly scan the QR code to unlock the scooter and begin their ride.

our feature

Our Design and
Development Approach

Reaching the realm of client’s vision, our mobile app development services include a great UI, UX, clean codes, accurate development process, and thorough testing to ensure unbeatable results that would simply ROCK the market!

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

What Our Clients Say About Us

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