From the CEO’s Desk

Chandigarh 02 FEB 2020
I started the day today looking at multiple memes about 2nd Feb being a palindrome - it reads the same no matter which direction one approaches it from. Come to think of it, our is a similar business - it doesn’t matter which direction we approach it from, there are certain tenets that have and will always remain the core of our business…

The first of these tenets is Data Security. As some of you know, we had an attempted security breach last month where an ex-employee tried to access restricted data. Needless to say, our security measures detected & blocked the attempt in its early stages; the intrusion has been reported to the Cyber-crime branch and the perpetuator has been arrested. In the light of this, I’d like to reiterate our strict stance that we shall always pursue such incidents to the fullest extent permissible under the law.

Another tenet is Client Service - pulling out all stops to help a client; our Dot Net team has been burning the proverbial candle at both ends to refactor, optimise and upgrade a client’s legacy code base to address Scalability and Performance issues in light of very tight deadlines. The team has done a commendable job migrating the codebase from LINQ to SQL stored procedures to achieve 10x performance gains! Kudos to the team!

Last but not least is our credo of Fun @ Work…

The HR team did a commendable job organising a Kite Flying Competition on the occasion of Basant Panchami!

A quick update from my last communique - our Edmonton sales office is now functional and we’re seeing the first few projects flowing through this entity, especially work geared towards Salesforce and MS Dynamics related integration.

Looking forward to keeping up the pace and bringing our Belarus and Greece offices on-stream as soon as possible.



In order to provide a focus to our Product Strategy for 2020, we’ll roll it out a separate division within Seasia with its own COO and development team. Watch this space for more on this.



As winter ends and Nature turns into bright shades, here’s wishing that all fresh starts that we make, also succeed with flying colours!