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Dr. First is one amongst leading giants of the healthcare app industry well-known for providing innovative software solutions to physicians and healthcare providers. They provide real-time access to patient's data that helps in improving communication and collaboration between doctors and patient resulting in better health outcomes.

Data Management System

OPPORTUNITY Real-Time Access to Patient Data

Their major products are iPrescribe, Backline, EPCS Gold, The IN Group, MedHX, Patient Advisor, Rcopia, SmartSearch, SmartString, SmartSig. Their products have empowered medical and dentist practices, hospitals, pharmacies, and EMR/ HER/HIS systems with integrated technologies, stand-alone solutions, and consulting services. Dr. First gives its services to more than 220 thousand medical professionals, contractors with over 1,000 hospitals throughout the United States and have partnerships with over 60 percent of the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Health Information Systems (HIS) on market. They were ranked No. 1 in the field of Medication Management Solution in 2017.

Working out theDetails

Managing multiple products with each product has its uniqueness and usefulness, Dr. First required to maintain millions of data coming from different locations and in a distinct format. Expertise data management system is essential. Maintaining all data available to the database server and its security is a challenging job even the performance of the online system also gets affected due to such a high amount of data.

HealthCare App
Medication Management Solution

The Solution

The solution delivered by Seasia involves an expertise database management system to ensure quality data and facilitate the movement of data from layer to layer must be based on the requirements established by the business. Dr. First Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) architecture created by us adopts the combination of Hub and Spoke Architecture and Data Mart Bus Architecture with Linked Dimensional Data Marts. This architecture is highly scalable with physical and logical separations.

Healthcare Application


We have implemented the Golden Gate to replicate the process to move the application data from different sources to the staging area (Operational Store). Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ETL mappings are used to load the data from the Staging area to Enterprise Data Warehouse (Data Layer). The Data mart / Data cubes required for reports are created in the same EDW database. The reports and dashboards are created using OBIEE (Presentation layer). Security on user access to the reports is deployed in the OBIEE presentation layer. Data level security is deployed at the Database.

Medication Management System


Our experts have successfully designed and implemented a secure database system containing several hundred gigabytes of data, efficient to deliver results as per business requirements. We helped in fixing data discrepancies between heterogeneous databases and streamlining the data in more manageable pieces without interrupting ongoing business processes. We perform all database tasks and advanced database activities required in Dr. First.

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