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Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Disseminating Futuristic IT Services For Robust Healthcare Systems

Healthcare consulting

Humanizing Healthcare For The Good Of All

From outcome to access and experience, we own the expertise exceeding the fundamentals of digital healthcare. Especially, when people need convenient, fair, and personalized support, we do everything from healthcare consulting to managed IT services for healthcare service providers.

At Seasia, we aim to address all the crucial imperatives that can make healthcare more accessible and effective. Since enhancing health access is vital to take better care of people, we harness the intelligence of cloud solutions to complement the resource capacity, employee productivity, and data distribution to aid quality of care and therapies.

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managed it services for healthcare

Harness the intelligence of robust cloud solutions

Translating Innovation & Empathy With Healthcare Consulting

Be it added efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced administration, we help you cater predictive, preventive, and protective healthcare, revolutionizing the concept of digital healthcare.

Our Expertise As A Healthcare Consulting Service Provider

For years, we have been working with systems that communicate with doctors, patients, and pharmacies. Besides, we have massive experience working on delivery systems, EHR mechanisms, and prescription systems, that allow us to offer apps that complement healthcare industry in every aspect.

Apps For Patients

From appointment scheduling to patient engagement and wellness apps, we do everything that involves patient care. Whether you need a mental health app or anything like medication intake tracking solution, we can do it all.

Apps For Medical Experts

Since digitalization allows us to make diagnosis and treatment easier, we aid medical professionals who need help with remote patient monitoring solutions or apps that can work on EHR data aggregation, analysis, and medical research.

Apps For Healthcare Providers

As healthcare providers have a lot of things to manage, we can help you work on IT solutions that can handle clinical assistance, scheduling, billing, health records, medical device data collection, and drug inventory tracking.

Why Seasia?

At Seasia, we help you with end-to-end healthcare IT consulting, right from prototyping to development and deployment. We as an organization consider it as our responsibility to create technology that can improve patient care and can enhance health management for precise and timely care.

it services for healthcare

Proven Experience

We bring you massive expertise developing cutting-edge mhealth solutions that helps with faster analysis of medical conditions but aids successful care

Healthcare consulting

Flexible Engagement Models

We have flexible engagement models defined to ensure best results and suit client’s needs for developing health and wellness solutions

healthcare it consulting services

Agile & Transparent Process

We work on agile practices to ensure that any requirement changes can be worked efficiently while offering thorough progress visibility to the client.

managed it services for healthcare

We Understand Innovation

From using the latest tools to developing technology that amalgamates AI, AR, VR, and all other advanced tech, we can manage it all.

it services for healthcare


To ensure secure and confidential environment for every client-server model app


Sharing, exchanging, integrating, and retrieving healthcare information as dictated by the Health Level 7 organization


Every healthcare solution we work with abides to security audit goals of HITECH Act


Data collection, processing, and securing process, everything follows the stringent GDPR compliance requirements


We foster BYOD-friendly solutions by harnessing mobile device management that allows PHI control in real-time


Securing apps that use GPS location or records data related to age, gender, behavior, etc.


Empower to control personal data, secure crucial information and support organizations with lawful processing.

Seasia Is Creating Technology that Enhances Health Management

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

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