The New Normal

From the CEO’s Desk

It has been another month of precautions, work from home and continued support to our clients since we last connected through this forum. My heartfelt gratitude to the whole of Team Seasia for ensuring business continuity and client support in these difficult times! You’d be glad to know that in my interactions with our clients since the pandemic started, not a single client has told me about any negative impact to the work we’ve been doing for them. For this achievement, we all deserve a round of applause!

While the world tries to restart its economic engine, life post-Covid will certainly be different; social distancing has brought in a “new normal” with an increased emphasis on ‘hands-off’ or ‘arms-length’ interactions across all phases of daily life – right across shopping, entertainment, eating out, studying, dating, sports and commerce. I cannot help but think that this will have a profound impact on the software industry – there will be increased demand for web and mobile apps to help service the additional demand from businesses and consumers alike. That puts a huge social responsibility on us as a company and as a team – we need to rise to the occasion and pull out all stops to deliver effective and efficient solutions to our clients to help them cope with this crisis!

Social Responsibility

In keeping with our social responsibility, I’d like to call out the following projects and teams who are doing exemplary work for our clients in the ‘new normal’:


Online Edu

Our Streaming Education platform is now being used by multiple schools in the tri-city region, for virtual classes, parent teacher meetings and for online assignments, quizzes and grading.


Online Conf

Our secure online video conferencing platform is now live for users and has seen a huge uptick in traffic. We continue hosting the service for free till the end of 2020 for businesses across the world.



To help companies migrate to work from home, we have launched our workflow platform, that includes features like work distribution, AI-based monitoring, secure access and automated timesheets.



Lest my whole message this time become focused on Covid, let me take this opportunity to let you know that our analyst team has now completed their training on Alteryx – the data analytics platform – and are now working on live projects for clients using this product! Another feather in our cap!

HERBAL MEDICINE, our herbal medicine portal has seen a sharp spike in people inquiring about Corona related issues. Seeing the level of fear and concern this has caused worldwide, we’ve brought in additional doctors to continue providing free advisory services over the portal.