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Jay Kay Infotech

As a pioneer in e-publishing and software services, Jay Kay Infotech has carved out a distinctive niche in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) State, primarily through its pioneering effort in developing e-governance software. The organization, a micro-scale unit, holds a unique position as the first in the region to ideate and propose a suite of law library software that could potentially disrupt the judicial system in J&K.

As the creators of an array of products covering diverse branches of law, Jay Kay Infotech has contributed to a paradigm shift in the way legal information is consumed. Their output ranges from e-books, legal commentaries, digests, manuals, and compendiums to sophisticated legal software, providing an unmatched convenience to users and facilitating a seamless legal workflow through an online law library.

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Navigate a Comprehensive Database with Relative Ease

legal research software

Problem Statement

The prevailing system posed substantial challenges for legal practitioners in J&K, who had to wade through physical documents - a process that was both strenuous and time-consuming. The limited availability of printed editions and unstable internet connectivity further compounded the issues, creating a compelling need for a digital solution.

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Jay Kay Infotech sought to develop a law library that could furnish users with the latest legal updates, aiding the seamless operation of the judicial system. The key focus was to provide a simplistic, intuitive search engine that could navigate a comprehensive database with relative ease. Additionally, the company amassed vast quantities of textual and PDF data, necessitating an effective and scalable digitization strategy.

Solution Offered

Seasia Infotech proposed an integrated solution to digitize the extensive legal documentation. The two-pronged solution comprised a web portal for universal access and a desktop application for offline access, catering to users with limited internet connectivity.

The backbone of the law library was an online centralized database, editable solely by the database administrator, with users granted viewing privileges through individual login credentials. This structure allows for real-time updates and announcements by the admin, which are reflected on the web portal and communicated to the desktop application via online updates. The system supports quick search for any query since all the entries in the database are indexed.

Users can save their progress offline or online, and all changes are synced with the main server

law library software
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Tech Stack

Our tech stack for this project comprised of the following:

legal library software

Asp.net MVC

Used for creating dynamic and scalable web applications.

state law library

SQL Server

Provided a robust and secure database system for managing and storing data.

online law library software


An open-source, document-oriented database program, used for its scalability and flexibility.


Banking on our team's expertise, we were able to select the optimal technical stack and deliver on all project milestones within the designated time frame. This successful collaboration resulted in a highly satisfied client and increased efficiency within the judicial system..

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