Data-driven Discovery of Store Locations

Detailed analytics & reports to resolve the number one question in Marketing: Location. Location. Location.

Easy to useglobal search

Advertise or search properties for sale or for rent. Discover cities, streets or brands all over the world. Combine different filters to get the best results. Rent or buy your next location online, watch competitors, see changes on global high streets. Discover also store opening news from the past and the present.

Real Estate App
E-LOCATIONS App Development Services

See all importantdata at a glance

Find all relevant property information including high resolution pictures on our real estate app. Our real estate mobile app data include: address, neighbors, current & former tenants, status, size, footfall and historic data. Navigate via Open Streetmap and explore our properties.

Quick livemapping

Scroll in and out on our global maps to see all worldwide stores throughout countries, regions, cities and streets on macro and micro level. Explore our latest real estate application to get the best results.

Real Estate Application
Real Estate Apps


Full access to 80,000+ stores, 40,000 news items, 15,000 streets, 3,000+ cities in 130 countries.

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