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We deploy, and design wide-ranging cloud services based on business demands as well as develop scalable mobile applications using Windows Azure services. We allow enterprises to instantly deploy apps in the cloud, which saves on infrastructure expenses.

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Why Acquaint For Windows Azure?

Windows Azure Development

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to assist your organization to overcome its industry challenges. Making utilization of a Cloud server with Azure gives the liberty to build, maintain, and deploy servers on a vast, global network using your chosen tools and frameworks.

Fully-Integrated Cloud Environment

We provide tools that make it simpler to make Azure solutions. It surely helps the developers as well as demonstrates to have Azure’s business focus.

Key Benefits

  • Apps management
  • Quickness
  • Flexibility
Windows Azure Application Development Services
Windows Azure Service Provider


Get reliable and seamless logon for the customers (business to business or for people.) This enables the customers to use shared accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook to log in to services.

Key Benefits

  • Storage
  • Security
  • Compliance


Businesses that use Windows Azure Services are able to build, test, feedback, and retry as apps are developed. This way, we’ll make it possible for you to explore new technologies and new avenues.

Key Benefits

  • Unified Delivery Plan
  • Updates
  • Analytics Support
Windows Azure Developers
Windows Azure Application Development

Global Reach

It is easier for businesses that use Azure can have their services run in information centers worldwide, simply. It allows them to modify the global track of their apps in an effective manner as utilization and performance changes.

Key Benefits

  • Global Availability
  • Scalability
  • Cost Savings and Flexible Expenditure

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