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Seasia utilizes commercial software development tools using C# language and the .NET framework that allow users to develop applications for Android, iOS and Windows.

Xamarin is the top rated cross-platform App development framework. Its popularity amongst the developers has been continuously increasing since its launch and was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. With Xamarin tools & C# code base one can write native Android, iOS and Windows Apps with native user interface and share code across multiple platforms. Xamarin offers two types of development strategies: Native development using Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS and cross-platform using Xamarin.Forms. It facilitates the developers to achieve up to 80% code sharing across multiple platforms. Alongside native iOS and Android APIs developers also have access to well-known .NET system libraries on both platforms.

Technologies We Work In

  • Xamarin Native

    Developing Apps using Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS is often called as native Xamarin development. It allows creating native user interface the same way as for native Android and iOS development using xml layouts and storyboard. The business logic for both iOS and Android Apps is written in C# using Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio which allows code sharing along with native UI.

  • Xamarin.Forms

    Xamarin.Forms offers xaml-based framework which can be used to design user interfaces for all three mobile platforms: Android, iOS & Windows along with a shared C# code base. At runtime, each page and its controls are mapped to platform-specific native user interface elements to provide native like experience to the users. This approach not only offers sharing the business logic but UI too thus maximizing the code sharing across multiple platforms.

  • Xamarin Test Cloud

    Xamarin made a framework named Calabash which can do automation or testing of an IOS or Android application whether it is native or a hybrid one from the User Interface Level. Xamarin gives out an automation framework as well as device cloud so that there is a provision of perfection in connectivity as well as long-term improvisation to Calabash in response to the client requirements.

    Xamarin's Calabash framework, and their Test Cloud, plays a fundamental role in our continued effort to maintain the highest possible quality of our products and also securing a short time-to-market.

  • Xamarin for Visual Studio

    Visual Studio is an only IDE which is used to build application in all the 3 platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows. Further, they also provide the user with the additional functionalities like Code Building, Deploying and debugging of the application on a device or simulator.

  • Xamarin.Mac

    Xamarin.Mac allows for the development of fully native Mac apps in C# and .NET using the same OS X libraries and interface controls that are used when developing in Objective-C and Xcode. Because Xamarin.Mac integrates directly with Xcode, the developer can use Xcode's Interface Builder to create an app's user interfaces.

    Additionally, since Xamarin.Mac applications are written in C# and .NET, we can share common backend code with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android mobile apps; all while delivering a native experience on each platform.

  • .Net Mobility Scanner

    Xamarin's new .NET mobility scanner service allows developers gain insight into how much of their existing .NET libraries can be reused in apps for each mobile platform using Xamarin and are able to create a detailed roadmap of the remaining code to mobilize. Xamarin's deep analyses in its easy to use browser interface assist developers not only in planning for mobility, but also to see how easily they can reuse and share existing code in mobile apps, making the transition to multi-platform mobility more seamless.

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Seasia Infotech has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

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