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Seasia Infotech is a CMMI Level 5 certified company that has been offering elite mobile development solutions and helping the clients globally to accelerate their business functioning and achieve their technology goals.

The developing team at Seasia has years of expertise in competitor analysis, marketing, billing, and customer feedback messages along with developing and delivering on-time quality services. Considered in the list of top Xamarin app development companies, we offer excellent cross-platform solutions to our clients by leveraging our unique and innovative expertise.

Seasia Infotech combines practical knowledge with the expertise to deliver ultimate solutions in the form of Xamarin application

Xamarin is a cross-platform technology that allows the developers to build apps with native UI, API, and native performance with C# shared codebase. The team at Seasia specializes in developing Xamarin applications that are packed with rich functionality and in-built app performance.

Seasia is a leading company in providing high-performance and cross-platform Xamarin mobile app development services globally

  • Xamarin native app development

    Native Xamarin app development includes building apps using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Through native app development, you can create built-in user interface similarly as you can create in native Android and iOS development with the use of storyboard and XML layouts.

  • Xamarin. Forms framework

    In order to design user interfaces for multiple platforms which include Android, iOS, and windows, Xamarin.Forms provide XML-based framework that serves the purpose. During the runtime, the controls on each page get mapped to platform-specific elements with the aim to provide native experience to the users.

  • Xamarin cloud testing

    Calabash- a Xamarin Framework can perform automation testing of Android and iOS applications whether it is native or a hybrid application. Xamarin offers automation framework and device cloud in order to offer facility in communication and connectivity.

  • Visual Studio Xamarin

    Visual Studio- the only Integrated Development Environment is used to develop applications in multiple platforms. Visual Studio also offers additional functionalities such as simulator, deploying and debugging of the application, and Code building.

  • Xamarin.Mac

    In order to develop fully native Mac applications using C# and .Net with the same interface controls used in developing in Objective-C and Xcode, Xamarin.Mac is an efficient framework that serves the purpose. As Xamarin.Mac can be directly integrated with Xcode, the interface builder of Xcode can be used to create user interfaces for the app.

  • Xamarin’s new mobility service

    The new .Net mobility scanner service of Xamarin lets the developers know that how much the current .Net libraries can be used again in developing applications for different mobile platforms using Xamarin.

Why hire us for Xamarin development services?

  • 01.

    Xamarin consulting services

    We at Seasia always strive to offer better quality mobile solutions. The team always works responsively as it reviews your app code to fix any bugs if encountered and thus streamlines the process of development.

  • 02.

    Expert solutions

    Seasia is a powerhouse of a proficient and skilled team of developers that have vast knowledge in developing apps using Objective-C, C#, and Java. They have years of expertise to successfully deliver cross-platform apps.

  • 03.

    Sophisticated apps at affordable rates

    Our team has a high level of expertise in delivering Xamarin applications at reasonable prices and completes the project within the specified deadlines without any glitch.

  • 04.

    Cross-platform capability

    Our professionals have the potential to create native Android and Windows app by using 30 percent of the iOS app code. Thus it helps the clients to save their bucks as well as time in developing and launching the app in the market.

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