Real Time Integration of Electronics Software, Sensors & Actuators.

With our efforts in the Internet of Things, our experts make life simple and easier for everyone. With IOT we create a higher quality of life for those who are in need by giving censor to every object they interact every day, with this each step of them could be retained and combined to form a picture of life being lived in real time. Homes always provided us shelter and comfort but now with the enhancement in IOT, it will provide data which will allow a life to be lived in its own terms.

In today’s world, one cannot rule out the power of digital advent. More and more enterprises are realizing the potential of IoT solutions and services nowadays. For this, our company provides end to end strategy for transformation and garnering the ideas to build a digital ecosystem, solutions, and infrastructure to transform data into insight.

Our Value Preposition

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    Energy Management

    With IOT Seasia is helping industries to optimize their energy needs and business growth without compromising on their sustainability. Increasing energy prices, Emission Targets and operation costs are all compelling reasons why should monitor and control energy consumption.

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    Secured Designs

    With extended IoT we provide platform comprising Threat Intelligence. This enables customers visualize risks in the IoT scenario and hence take proactive measures to create mitigation plans and automate operational implementation.

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    Remote security

    We take care of remote security by keeping you connected with your assets, across Geo-location through a single console. It also enables you to automate critical operations securely.

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    Asset Tracking

    Seasia helps you develop a platform that enables you to track you things on the move and get alert on deviations. So that you can stay connected with your valued things for long.

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    Manufacturing Process Controlling

    The solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of design and engineering processes by leveraging standardized product designs and engineering plans. With low cost of product-design change, customer will get what he is looking for.


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    Raspberry PI

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    Arduino Boards

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    RFID Tags

Case Studies


A personal guide tours well-prepared in this application which works on iBeacon technology, you get the relevant information when a user comes in proximity of beacon.

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Seasia Infotech has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

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