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Internet of Things in today’s digital landscape can tackle the underlying challenges of data visibility, efficiencies, transparency, and other issues that are evolving in multiple business verticals across the globe. Smart-IoT systems hold the potential of uplifting decision-making for businesses and ensuring user-centric as well as business-centric advantages in the long run. Leveraging embedded processors, sensors, and multiple communication means, Seasia Infotech enables businesses to unleash the power of Internet of Things in the recent competitive era. Reaping the benefits in the form of IoT applications, sensors, or IoT wearables, and other smart devices, Seasia Infotech excels at majorly assisting education, real estate, health & fitness, insurance, and US government verticals.

Explore more about our IoT services!

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Involved in IoT exposure and expertise for more than two decades, Seasia Infotech has enabled countless businesses to craft their IoT journey from scratch, incorporate their services into existing infrastructure, or improve an existing app. Assisting millennials to turn their fresh business ideas into MVPs and full-scale IoT systems, Seasia holds a wide market exposure in dealing with wide IoT segments, including- wearables, smart home & office, retail systems, health & fitness, banking, payments, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and smart transportation.


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Future-ready, Innovative IoT Solutions

Backed by worldwide exposure of Internet of Things landscape, Seasia enables enterprises to uplift their business proficiency and maximize their business ROI with our Hi-end IoT application development solutions. With diverse experience and catering to global clientele, we assist businesses with intelligent decision-making and gaining a competitive edge in the worldwide market.

IoT Strategy and Consulting

To get the most out of the potential of IoT technology, every entrepreneur will require a partner who can build an inclusive, strategic roadmap that shapes your business dream into reality. We at Seasia hold the expertise to do it all for you, from infrastructure, risk assessment to smart solution design, backed by IoT cloud hosting with global leaders.

End-to-end IoT Solutions

Rather than confining to designing an IoT solution perfectly, our IoT experts excel at building a suitable IoT solution, by developing, integrating, & implementing a complete solution. We develop modern-age apps that impeccably integrate cutting-edge technology for utmost performance, leveraging applied analytics, visualizations, and machine learning.

Continuous monitoring and support

At Seasia, our dedicated team assures the utmost safety, performance, and security of IoT solutions to our global clientele. Being an experienced IoT consulting agency, we are committed to offering continuous monitoring services, expert management, and certified support for proactive troubleshooting and ensuring maximized performance.


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IoT Consulting

Our simplified approach and tailor- made IoT apps empower businesses with improved methodology in their IoT journey.

IoT App Development

Building feasible real-world applications, we have significant hands-on-experience in creating enterprises IoT solutions.

IoT Analytics

The high-quality IoT analysis helps to gain business insights and produce real-time analytics to enrich user experience & engagement.

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IoT Services

smart education

Smart Education

  • We assist the education industry to decide a better-connected and collaborative future with IoT technology in the form of software solutions for, online educations, school ERP software, andonline learning apps.
  • Delivering a better learning experience to students with IoT-enabled smart boards and create digital posters for students.
  • Experience interactive, remote learning, automated attendance monitoring system, and enhanced security functionalities backed by IoT technology
smart buildings

Smart buildings & Real Estate

  • IoT solutions at Seasia focus on growing margins and allow features like efficient building operations, better tenant relationships, and new revenue generation opportunities.
  • We offer real-time IoT solutions to the real estate industry in terms of software solutions for renting, selling spaces, working spaces, browsing properties online, etc.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint, our IoT solutions assist real estate dealers in experiencing a smarter and better commercial way to life and monitoring continuous improvements to contain its carbon footprint in real-time.
smart homes

Smart Homes

  • Smart heating system monitors the usage and notifies the users when they could potentially be using less heating.
  • IoT-sensors-enabled smart gardening systems will integrate automated remote-controlled sprinkler systems, robot lawnmowers for preserving water.
  • Smart video doorbells enable users to receive video calls from their doorbells where they can unlock and get access to their homes remotely from mobile apps.
smart healthcare

Smart healthcare & fitness

  • Remote patient monitoring is one we have made possible and accessible at Seasia where IoT-powered smart devices share real-time patient’s data to healthcare providers.
  • We leverage automated workflows that uplift patient treatment, improve patient experience, and minimizes manual errors.
  • We hold immense experience in ensuring IoT-powered fitness among users, from digitizing legacy, gym trainer solutions, community apps, smart fitness devices to other health tracking wearables.
  • To deliver advanced patient assistance, we are dedicated to developing robust IoT applications that simply transform the way patients, doctors, and healthcare staff operates and collaborates on any type of healthcare management and patient treatment plans.
smart insurance

Smart Insurance

  • Our prime focus is thoroughly on improving health insurance with IoT technology in the form of corporate health services, automated claim services, handheld devices insurance (accidental/intentional), assessment of the cause of damage, and driving behavior analysis.
  • Backed by real-time monitoring, care optimization, and simplified & secure payment systems, our IoT systems make the insurance process hassle-free than before.
  • Ensuring rapid data analysis, better claims identification, and uplifting customer experience.
smart automotive

Smart Automotive

  • Optimizing vehicle monitoring and fleet management with onboard sensors, which further gather on-road data related to driver and vehicle behavior.
  • Our IoT experts hold immense exposure in connected vehicles of the future that can unify into their immediate surroundings by transmitting data via sensors.
  • Experience remote vehicle diagnostics and authorize cognition for vehicles that can remotely diagnose comfort settings, mechanical stats, entertainment consoles, and so on.
  • We practice in-vehicle hardware and software embedment, which provides real-time visions on vehicle location, movement, health stats & other contextual information.
smart retail

Smart Retail

  • Gain real-time visibility of stock levels, the shelf life of perishable goods and proactive reorder alerts throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and supply stages.
  • The smart sensors help in minimizing carriage distance, delivery span & progress fuel efficiency.
  • We emphasize crafting automated warehouses that make use of data from embedded sensors in equipment for optimizing stock movement and product assembly.
smart manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

  • We leverage IoT technology which helps minimize wastage of inventory and energy through predictive product asset management all the way through the production cycle.
  • We assist businesses in optimizing their business operations by integrating embedded controller technology for remote equipment management, improved employee productivity and safety.
  • Minimize toxic byproduct production and control multiple manufacturing safety issues with the help of smart sensors.

Technology Stack


IoT Platforms

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS IoT Hub
  • iot
  • LAN
  • Storyboard and Xib
  • iot
  • NFC
  • RFID
  • MQTT
  • Homekit
  • iot
  • OBD Devices
  • Humidity and moisture
  • Chemical and gas
  • Electric and magnetic
  • iBeacons


We ensure a fully integrable IoT platform, open for seamless integration with all sorts of modern smart devices, applications, and third-party systems. For software product firms, Seasia builds APIs that enable them to easily integrate IoT functionality into their software product. For enterprises, Seasia ensures that the developed IoT app seamlessly integrates with suitable external systems, including ERP, MES, OMS, and so on.

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As a CMMI-Level 5 company, Seasia Infotech ensures compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards, regulations and industry guidelines to keep the customers on the safer side at all times. We ensure that our offerings and products are in compliance with all the certification checks. Major compliances and certifications we comply with

CE certification
Radio tests Certification
Electrical Safety Testing