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Redefining the Luxury Spa Experience!

Creating A Digital Presence
for our Client

Our client, a leading chain of luxury spas in the US, was facing issues in maintaining a connection with their customers resulting in declining subscriptions and fewer repeat bookings. Their existing app wasn’t being used by customers because it was more geared toward’s the Spa’s needs rather than the customers’ needs. We decided to completely revamp the online experience for the customers through a new, customer-friendly app that addressed their needs. The Online Salon Booking App - Artha SPA - has experienced huge interest from customers and is being used over and over again for the convenience it provides!

spa booking app
Spa management Application
We intended to have a mobile app strategy before we started working with Seasia. Seasia was with us from the very beginning, developing our mobile app development strategy from the ground zero.
artha spa application

Karan Khanna

Artha Spa Owner

booking app for salon

Go Digital

The Artha, spa booking app prevents bottlenecks, allows automated check-ins, enables staff to sell retail merchandise from anywhere, lets clients book appointments online or via digital voice assistants. We’ve incorporated features like stylist check-in alerts to client check-out and online booking & cancellation / no-show management. Real-time alerts and online chat options provide the connectivity between the staff and clients.

Online Salon Booking App
Spa Management Software Development

Bookings & Rebookings

Our client emphasised that re-bookings are the best practice to grow their business. Hence we integrated re-booking into the self-checkout system in the App. The App also provides an option for the stylists to recommend an appointment, and to re-booked it even before the client gets up from the chair. The spa booking application also provides an AI-enabled Marketing feature wherein Discount Offers or Reminders are sent to Clients based on their previous booking patterns and purchase history.

Auto-check In andSelf-check Out

Any delay at understaffed front desks downgrades the client's experience quickly. We built in a beacon-based automated check-in feature for clients so that, while our app doesn’t need to track all movements of the client, we are still able to provide a location-based check in and check out feature. The app also enables clients to pay on the go.

Salon Booking App
Salon Management App Development

Direct Messaging with the Therapist

Texting is the way we all communicate now. Same is the case with our App - we’ve built in a real-time chat engine so that when client’s have a question or inspiration, they can let the staff know, in that moment. This helps staff be more prepared for the appointment and manage their client’s expectations. They are prepared to discuss what a client is thinking, before the client arrives, leading to more effective consultations.

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