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Usage & Benefits

BetterFleet benefits fleet owners by giving them provision to compare the total cost of ownership of different vehicles on the basis of different parameters like engine-type (Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, PlugIn-Hybrid), distance traveled per year/month/term, etc.

Benefits of BetterFleet


A unique car comparison platform helps you compare available electric vehicles against most petrol vehicles.


Prepare the project layout that leads you to the migration to an electric fleet.


Helps you recognize adverse carbon emission and go electric & eco-friendly.

Features of BetterFleet

better fleet platform

Compare ‘n’ number of projects along with their geo locations

Measure the performance of an endless number of vehicles on the basis of their geo-locations.


Parameters based Comparison

Allows you to compare vehicles based on their engine type i.e., Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, Plugin-Hybrid, and odometer score.


Ownership Cost Estimation

It helps you give an estimate of the total cost of ownership of the fleet vehicles in terms of car depreciation, stamp-duty, maintenance cost, and more.

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Graphical Vehicle Examination Report

Generate a graphical report for different vehicles in the form of PDF for a better understanding and user experience.

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