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Our company is a professional software service providers based in India. Our skilled developers specialize in developing professional websites that promote our clients’ products and services to their target. Our chatbot (chat robot) separates us from other typical web development companies as we developed product taking into consideration the ease of use for front user and product goals.

Our company’s main vision is to provide the utmost integrity and client satisfaction through our skills and services, creating non-ending relationships with our clients. We have skilled developers that have deep experience in integrating Chatbots. Chatbot (chat robot) is a computer program that simulates human conversation by using Artificial intelligence. Typically a chatbot will communicate with a real person. It responds to user‘s minimum amount of input by using stored information and entertain the user’s needs with minimum friction.


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    Facebook bot engine (

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    Microsoft bot framework

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Case Studies

Bus Buddee

The Bus Buddee software package is the cloud based web portal specially planned for school logistics usage. This web solution is envisioned to ease school to parent. It is a highly-proficient and robust services by offering idiosyncratic packages and solution fabricated on latest web development technologies.

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Seasia Infotech has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

Vikas Vanjani