Technology works for better solutions

Seasia Infotech using Dot NET technology helps our client for making applications which can the versatile use of the technology so client deliver foremost factor that allows its widespread use in their organization system. Our .NET software platform we are using so can deliver best use of .Net tools and frame work. Seasia Infotech's .Net development team using this technology to make information and data availability on any device at any system for simplify the and something that can be access of organization system. This technology is we are using to develop both desktop applications and web-based solutions.

.Net Services


    We are changing the world with development & technology. Our developers have vast industry knowledge & years of expertise...

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  • C#

    With good command on simple & complex project development, our developers work with full dedication to offer the most effective C# solution...

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  • Silverlight

    Seasia Infotech has highly skilled team of experts which takes care of Silverlight development that develops customer - oriented...

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  • Windows Azure

    Our professionals will enable you leverage the flexibility, scalability and sheer power of Windows Azure for the good of your business...

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  • LINQ

    Our developer team has extensive experience in investment, management, private equity, venture capital, structured finance and the...

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  • SSRS

    Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable...

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Technologies We Work In

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make web platform to the cloud easier and faster than before. Seasia Infotech using AWS suite by our team to develop for technologies...

  • Entity Framework

    Entity Framework Provides O-R capability that helps client to Supports best OoB relationship navigations. You can navigate from Customer to Orders...

  • Silverlight

    Silverlight plug-In enables an identical development model solution for user’s operating system and browser. Microsoft Silverlight is promising to add...

  • Angular js

    Angular JS can tackle fast, scalable, and simple for front End Application. It works only on user interfaces in combination...

  • Bootstrap js

    Bootstraps js has HTML and CSS based design works with various HTML components and such as form elements, navigation.

  • Windows Azure

    Windows Azure can use to make IT management system easier. Its main purpose of developing Windows Azure is associated

  • LINQ

    Main benefits of LINQ are Query expressions can be used to query and to transform data from any LINQ-enabled data source. LINQ setup is comes...

Case Studies

My Mold Detective

By working with the industry’s experts in microbiology and engineering, we have developed and manufactured a unique, accurate, and patented Do-It-Yourself indoor Mold, Dust and Allergen Test Kit to help you screen your home.

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Seasia Infotech has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

Vikas Vanjani