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BSA Drone Application

BSA Drone Application for the Scouts

BSA (Boy Scouts of America) is one of the largest non-profit youth scouting organizations in the United States, including 2.3 million associates and approximately a million volunteers.

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EasyDrone Controlling

Nowadays, drones are readily available, and Scouts need to face several outdoor challenges. So, Scouts can incorporate drones in various scout activities to capture photos and record videos. With our mobile app development, Scouts can control the drone systems with their smartphones.

Usage & Benefits

When it comes to the use of a drone, there are several pieces of information that you need to know before you fly. By using BSA Drone Application, participants can analyze various risk factors for a safe scouting activity. On the other hand, authorities can also check whether all the participants are following the government guidelines or not by leveraging the app.

Features of BSA Drone Application


Simulator With Different Learning Modules

An in-built simulator that will help you learn how to control the drones. It has three different levels of learning- Beginner, Intermediate, Expert.


Lucrative Reward System

The app also provides end-users with a reward system where they earn points and then redeem those points via the BSA eCommerce site for purchases.



The Geo-fencing feature helps you know the exact location of your drone. It uses GPS along with other navigational satellite signals to prevent drone flying over restricted areas, such as prisons, nuclear power plants, and more.


Easy Event Publishing

Admins can share information about upcoming events and inform scouts and volunteers via push notifications. A great platform to share scouting tips.


Real-Time Messaging

BSA Drone app empowers interactive communications with real-time messaging. Scouts and volunteers can connect with each other and share their thoughts and stay in touch.


Flight Logging

Flight logging contains a record of pilot's flying hours. It also includes a history of flights hours of the pilot. Along with this, it also helps you track the number of landings and flight time.

Stats Related To the Drone Industry

The drone industry is spreading like wildfire. The drone sale figures are making records, and if we talk about stats, more than 2 million drones have already been registered by the end of 2019.

According to the Economic Report, the projected annual revenue of the drone industry will be somewhere around $82.1 billion by the year 2025.

If we talk about the fastest growing industries using drones, then Construction (47%), Agriculture (17%), and Mining Industries (28%) are at the top in drone usage.

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