ERP for Coordinating Emergency


Core objective of the ERP management system was to focus on emergency response needs - in terms of what human and material resources are in place, at what locations, and how best to bridge the gaps between where they are and where they are required.

In other words, it facilitates a process of transparency in answering critical operational questions under working conditions of intermittent internet access, mobile network outages and power outages.

ERP Application

The Operational Approach


This phase includes identifying and allocating the personnel, training, and equipment necessary to respond to an emergency as well as developing jurisdiction-specific and well- planned plans for delivering those physical assets during the situation of disaster.


The response phase begins the execution of the plans and allocation of resources recognized in the preparedness phase. It includes the immediate operations necessary to save lives, protect property, and meet basic human needs, as well as initiate the short-term recovery process.


Short-term recovery focuses on restoring critical systems such as roadways and utilities, removing wreck or contaminated material, and other tasks required to re-establish the affected area’s normal daily operations.


Mitigation phase follows recovery and involves activities that help reducing losses from events. Since the main aim of the phase is to reduce the ongoing consequences of disaster-inflicted failure, mitigation activities can be recognized and carried out in all of the three phases.

Response Vision in Action

  • Pre-disaster measures prepare people by getting ready, planning ahead by following the provided guidelines, and using the tool-kit.
  • During a disaster occurrence, people can use certain alarms, panic buttons, or flashlight to get emergency assistance.
  • Post-disaster, a person can navigate via GPS even in the absence of a mobile network to locate nearby instant relief centers.
  • A toolset is provided to conduct pre-event emergency assessments, including THIRA Threat, Critical Infrastructure and disaster need assessments, well-equipped with analysis functions.
ERP Management System
Inventory Management System

Response Visionin Action

  • A seamless inventory management system for managing items across warehouses, staging areas, and parking lots with barcode and RFID device support.
  • Visual-based situational awareness via geospatial maps with embedded real-time incident tracking, visual plan automation, and real-time event mapping.
  • A centralized full cost accounting system for disaster resource management, including personnel, equipment, vehicles, and teams.


This ERP app is hosted on window azure server using SQL azure data-base. Microsoft sync framework has been used for mobile (iPhone and Android) and Web. Frontend: jQuery,, C#, AJAX, DB SQLite, DB SQL Azure and SQL server to store Mobile data, Web data and Local DB respectively.

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