iOS Applications

Veterans in developing apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone Applications

Veteran Players for iPhone App Development

The outset of iPhone applications has seamlessly given a superlative and impeccable power to the handheld devices across the globe. Our patrons find a cohesive impression for developing mobile applications with us.

Seasia knows the immense potential of apple devices and has delivered many innovative applications catering to diversified business verticals. We make custom-made applications in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Seasia, as a dedicated iPhone Applications Development Company have skilled team that knows the use of simulators. Every phase of development process is comprehensive, customer centric and strictly based on Agile Methodology.

iPad Applications

Leaders in iPad App Development

iPad has revolutionized tablet computing and provided swiftness to the various segments of market. A Smart processor, multi -touch screen, light in weight, HD recording, dual core A5X system on-a –chip are some distinctive features of an iPad, people are attracted to. They have influenced the market with their speeds, quality, portability and iCloud computing.

A distinctive advantage that Seasia possess is the long standing relation with the iOS platform. Our focus on iPad app development seeks to harness the product features and provide creative enterprise solutions to our clientele.

We develop iPad applications by fully leveraging iOS capabilities thus offering various engagement models. Seasia InfoTech is powered with a vast team of experienced iPad App Developers quite competent to create applications from scratch and personalizing existing iPhone applications for iPad.

iOS Gaming

  • Unity 3D Tool
  • Cocos2D & 2DX Frameworks
  • Multiplayer
  • Physic Engine (Box 2D, Chipmunk2D, )
  • SM II Framework (Sprite Creation)
  • Sprite Builder
  • Zwoptex Tool (Sprite Creation)
  • Autodesk Maya 3D animation
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Blender (open-source 3D)
  • Open GLES
  • Core Graphics & Animations
  • iTween
  • NGUI

iOS Native Technologies

  • Xcode
  • iOS
  • OpenGLES
  • Mac OS X
  • iAD, in-App Purchase, Push Notification
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Sqlite3, FileSystem(Plist,CSV,txt,xml ), Core Data
  • ExternalAccessory, Core Bluetooth Framework (Bluetooth LE)-Beacons: Qualcom, Blue Cats, Kontakt, Bleu
  • MapKit, Accelerometer, Core Motion Framework
  • Social, StoreKit , NewsStandKit

Third Party APIs/Libraries

  • Facebook SDK for iOS, Graph API, FB Connect API( Facebook API),Twitter API, Sharekit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Path, Tumblr
  • AdMob API, Google Analytics, Flurry,Testflight, ChartBoost
  • Drop Box, GData API
  • JSON, TBXML, libxml2, KisXML
  • Jabber Client,, WebSocket
  • FFT(Sound), DNA
  • OpenCV (Face recognition)
  • ZBar & Zxing barcode reader, Red Laser barcode reader
  • Urban Airship's Push library
  • PayPalx
  • Google API's, Yelp, Four Square
  • Parse SDK

Our Recent Work

Pinot Palooza (Wine Ordering)

PINOT PALOOZA is a Mobile ordering application which facilitates Users to order wine from an iOS device. Users can order wine on the basis of various filters such as states, cities, producers. Customers can rate and review the wines and can add those wines to the Favorites. Also the application is powered with an Admin Panel which provides the owner of the application to set privileges like product details, producer details view reports, update deals etc.